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College of Arts and Science
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Conservatory of Music

Double-Degree Program
Registrars Office

Arts and Sciences

Courses of Instruction

Explanation of Requirements-Abbreviations

Distribution Requirements

At least nine credit hours in each of the three divisions of the college taken from at least two departments or program within each of these divisions:

Distribution Division Abbreviation
Arts and Humanities HU
Social and Behavioral Sciences SS
Natural Sciences and Mathematics NS
Extra Divisional EX

(credits falling outside the three divisions)
Cultural Diversity CD
At least nine credit hours in courses dealing mainly with cultural diversity,
including foreign language.

Quantitative Proficiency

Demonstrate quantitative proficiency by earning credits in one of the courses

Quantitative Proficiency-full QPf
by two instructors who have taught the student in any of the courses which are

Quantitative Proficiency-half QPh

Writing Proficiency

Writing Certification WR
Writing Intensive WRi
For further explanation of the writing proficiency requirement refer to the
Rhetoric and Composition section of this catalog.

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