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 Advanced Credit

General. Credit for study completed prior to matriculation at Oberlin College or at another college may be granted under the following guidelines.

Private Applied and Composition Study. No credit in private applied composition study is granted for work completed before the student has matriculated at Oberlin College or another college.

Eligibility for exemption from a required secondary private applied study will be established by audition when secondary auditions are held during the first week of classes each semester.

Music Class Work. Credit toward an Oberlin College degree for music class study completed prior to matriculation at Oberlin College is usually granted only under the Advanced Placement program, administered by the College Board. For students matriculating at Oberlin College in August 1993 or later, Oberlin College will grant credit for non-performance music courses taken while enrolled in high school, for which credit appears on the transcript of an accredited college or university. Transfer credit for acceptable music history or music theory courses will count toward the major only upon successful completion of the Oberlin Conservatory music history or music theory placement tests, as appropriate. The number of transfer credits awarded will not be greater than the actual number of credits completed at the other institution.

If the required scores on these placement tests are not achieved, transfer credits will count only as electives. Other non-performance courses may also be counted as elective credit, on approval of the appropriate Conservatory department and the Assistant Dean.

A Conservatory or Arts and Sciences student is granted credit for Advanced Placement Examinations in Music Theory on the following basis: 1) the student scored a four or five on the examination, 2) the credit granted is three hours, 3) the credit is entered on the transcript as "AP-Music Theory," 4) the credit may be counted only as free elective credit toward requirements for majors leading toward Conservatory degrees.

Eligibility for advanced standing in a music course may also be established when a student enters Oberlin. While no credit toward an Oberlin degree is granted, a student may, by this means, be eligible to enter an advanced course, or may have a requirement waived.
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