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General Educational Guidelines
General. The Conservatory provides pre-professional training in music performance, composition, music education, music technology, music theory, and music history. Students may earn one or more of the following undergraduate and graduate degrees: Bachelor of Music, Performance Diploma, Artist Diploma, Master of Music, Master of Music in Teaching, or Master of Music Education.

These programs are designed to develop the sensitivity, understanding and insights, as well as the knowledge, skills, and technical competence essential to professional musicians. Conservatory graduates pursue music careers as performers, conductors, composers, directors, music theorists, historians, and educators. They are employed in major symphony orchestras, opera houses and companies, regional and municipal orchestras, jazz groups, youth orchestras, chamber music ensembles, major film studios, churches, primary and secondary schools, colleges, universities, conservatories of music, and as free-lance artists, both in the United States and abroad.

General Information

The Conservatory of Music was founded in 1865 as a private music school. Two years later it became part of Oberlin College. It currently has an annual enrollment of over 550 music students.

Relation to the College of Arts and Sciences. The Conservatory of Music and the College of Arts and Sciences share the same campus. As a result, Conservatory students may take courses in both the College of Arts and Sciences and the Conservatory and can simultaneously pursue majors in both divisions, earning a Bachelor of Music degree and a Bachelor of Arts degree within a five-year program.

Many College of Arts and Sciences students pursue Conservatory courses, study music, and perform in Conservatory ensembles.

Concerts and Recitals. The Conservatory offers an extraordinary array of performances; over four hundred concerts and recitals are presented annually. In 2001-2002 there were 82 recitals by faculty and guest artists, 205 Senior and Junior recitals, and 116 concerts by student ensembles and other groups. The Conservatory also presents an annual series of faculty chamber music concerts.

Artist Recital Series. The Oberlin Artist Recital Series has, over the past century, brought to Oberlin an impressive array of internationally acclaimed solo performers, outstanding chamber ensembles, and major orchestras. Approaching its 125th season, the Artist Recital Series continues to offer rich musical experiences to the Oberlin community.

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