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Pianos. Warner Concert Hall, Kulas Recital Hall, classrooms, and teaching studios are all equipped with Steinway grand pianos, as are most of the practice rooms in Robertson Hall and the rehearsal rooms in the Central Unit. Altogether there are 232 pianos in the Conservatory, 199 of which are Steinway pianos, with the remainder of the collection including acoustical vertical pianos, historical pianos, a Yamaha Disklavier and two Electronic Piano Labs.

Orchestral Instruments. The Conservatory has a large collection of orchestral instruments for use by students, including all stringed and wind instruments, and six Lyon and Healy harps. Through the generosity of the Kulas Foundation, Oberlin owns two Gagliano violins and other performance-quality stringed instruments.

Organs. The Kulas Organ Center, in the Robertson Hall practice building, is comprised of fourteen practice rooms equipped with organs of various designs, both mechanical action and electro-pneumatic. Of the mechanical action tracker organs, six are Flentrops, one a Brombaugh, and two are Noacks. Of the electro-pneumatic organs, six are Holtkamps.
The teaching studios in Bibbins Hall contain organs by Flentrop. Warner Concert Hall houses a splendid three-manual Flentrop organ of forty-four stops, built entirely in classical North European style; it was installed in 1974. A new Fisk Opus 116 organ has been installed in Finney Chapel. This magnificent instrument, a symphonic organ in the Romantic tradition, compliments the Flentrop in Warner. A portable continuo organ by Flentrop is available for use in all performing halls. In 1981 a two-manual Brombaugh organ in mean-tone temperament was installed in the gallery of Fairchild Chapel. Located in the front of Fairchild Chapel is a positiv organ by Flentrop.

Harpsichords. The collection of harpsichords, available for instruction, practice, and concerts includes: three French doubles, one by Keith Hill, one by William Dowd, and one by Kingston; two Italian singles, one by William Dowd and one by Anderson Dupree; a German double by Keith Hill, a Flemish single and Flemish virginal by Willard Martin, and a clavichord by Hugh Gough.

Other Instruments. The Conservatory owns three fortepianos: five-octave instruments by Wolf and Hester, and a six-and-one-half octave by McCobb. Oberlin's collection also includes a mid-nineteenth century grand piano by Erard, which was completely rebuilt by David Winston in the fall of 1993.

The Conservatory has a large collection of viols for use in its Baroque ensemble and viol consorts. Oberlin owns enough Baroque instruments to form a complete Baroque orchestra: eight Baroque violins, one Baroque viola, two Baroque cellos, and a violone, as well as Baroque flutes, recorders, oboes, bassoon, and natural horns.

The Collegium Musicum has at its disposal replicas of old instruments including, among others, vihuela, gamba, krummhorns, recorders, and cornetti.

Oberlin has a Javanese gamelan (metallophone orchestra), complete with both slendro and pelog tuning systems, a large collection of Gambian Mandinka koras and xylophones from West Africa, and a representative selection of classical instruments from China, Japan, Korea, Turkey, and India.
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