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 Miscellaneous Information

Class Equivalency. A student's class is determined by the number of credit hours earned toward graduation. For an Arts and Sciences student it is as follows:

Class Credit Hours
Junior 53-81.99

Music Courses. Students in the College of Arts and Sciences may receive credit for work taken in the Conservatory of Music, although opportunities to enroll in certain courses, including Applied Study, are limited. For more information please see "Music Program" under Courses of Instruction, below, and the Conservatory of Music section of this catalog. Prospective College of Arts and Sciences Music Majors should consult with the chairperson of the College Music Committee.

Auditing Courses. With the consent of the course instructor, students are permitted to audit courses in the College of Arts and Sciences. Students are permitted to have two audits per semester recorded on their transcript. (Please see "Auditing Fee.")

Private Reading. Students who wish to pursue a topic not covered in the regular curriculum may register for a private reading. This one-to-one tutorial is normally at the advanced level in a specific field and is arranged with a member of the faculty who has agreed to supervise the student. Approval for a private reading course depends upon the following conditions:

1. The student should have completed the basic courses offered by the department in which the work is to be done.

2. The substance of the private reading course may not duplicate the work of a regular course unless the student is unable to enroll in a course he or she needs to meet the requirements of a major or course sequence.

3. The student is limited to one private reading course per semester for no more than three hours of credit; exceptions must be approved by the Office of the Dean of Studies.

4. Applied music lessons may not count as private reading courses.
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