The Conservatory's revamped home page has a new look and a new mix of news and features: more audio clips, updated photos, and better links to music and the people who create it.

Here's the lay of the land:

• "Backstage Pass"-- upcoming events and breaking news

• "Sessions"-- 11 reasons to visit the Conservatory Career Resource Center

• "The Listening Room"-- clips and information about new audio releases from the Conservatory

• "Con Portrait"-- profiles of faculty, staff and students of the Conservatory

• In the Works: Watch for upcoming additions that include quick link pages, pull-down menus designed for specific audiences to aid in navigation, and a "Conservatory Virtual Tour"-- a walk-through of many of the places and spaces in the Con, offering audio clips, new images and maps

Junior Toshio Mana, worked with Linda Shockley, director of Conservatory Public Relations in creating the new home page. Shockley said, "Tosh deserves the credit for pulling together this massive project. He has the technological know-how to create web pages, a terrific eye for design and a wonderful sense of humor. He also has good chops for grammar and a feel for the rhythm of language. He's been a delightful partner."

Mana hails from Visalia, Calif. A double bass and composition major, Mana has studied with Edward Miller, Param Vir, Pieter Snapper, Benedict Weisser, Thomas Sperl and Peter Dominguez. He has performed with the Oberlin Orchestra, Oberlin Chamber Orchestra, Contemporary Music Ensemble and the Oberlin Wind Ensemble. Last summer, Mana performed in a Black River Theater production of As You Like It. View the new home page at


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