370 Lincoln St.

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In the winter of 1913 Brother Willie Lawson heard and accepted the truth of the oneness doctrine, that the only road to salvation is through baptism for remission of sins and by being filled with the Holy Ghost. Elder Lawson witnessed to Brother Garrett who was baptized in icy Plum Creek. And so was the beginning of Christ Temple Church in Oberlin. The church grew in numbers so that prayer meetings and church services outgrew the members' homes. Rented houses, first at South Park and Sumner Streets and two years later at 191 Grafton St., followed by a store front in the business district (where Wright Park now stands) served as meeting places. In 1920 a home was donated by Sister Sims that housed the church for ten years. During those years the congregation was very active and people remember trips to Cleveland conventions and lively Sunday School sessions. There was no inside pool, so baptisms took place in Black River; sometimes at night car headlights were used for light. Not much is known about a series of Elders who led the congregation until Elder and Sister Paynes Broadnax were sent to pastor Christ Temple by Bishop Schooler in 1928. During his pastorate here Elder Broadnax held the position of Sergeant at Arms for the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, Inc. He worked to increase membership and set forth a campaign of witnessing in the streets which, with constant prayers and fasting, succeeded in adding many members. The building was unsuitable and did not have adequate heating or lighting; so in 1928 a church 'outing' was held that helped the congregation raise money to purchase a house at 278 S. Pleasant St. Successful revivals were held during this time and in 1931 the church entertained the Ohio District Council. After Elder Broadnax left things did not go smoothly until Elder Jarvis' arrival in 1944. In his three years in Oberlin he and all the men and women in the congregation worked together to construct a new building which was completed in 1946. In 1967 the name was changed to Christ Temple Apostolic Church, Inc. Three new auxiliaries were added: the Nurses guild, the Baptism Committee and the Young Matrons. Also ten teachers graduated from correspondence training courses and won many awards from the Northern District Sunday School Association. In 1977 ground was broken and construction of a new church building began at the present location of 370 Lincoln Street. A newly elected pastor from Akron, Elder Laurence Nevels (son of a former pastor), came with his family and has continued serving to the present time.


In 1962 the music department consisted of two pianists and an adult choir. In 1965 when the church was remodeled inside and outside, the church purchased its first organ. By the mid-seventies the number of musicians had grown to a small orchestra with three pianists, two guitarists, two drummers, one bongo player and a trumpet player. The Choir Director is Janet Pollard. One of the hymnals most used is the All-American Church Hymnal. Three or four hymns are sung in the service, including a 'tarrying hymn'. Three favorites are "Going up Yonder" by Tremaine Hawkins, "Working on a Building", and "One More Day".


Much of this information was gathered by Ms. Gerry Rhodes, the Church Historian.

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