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Though the congregation was formed in the 1830's by a Methodist circuit rider, it was not until December of 1869 at a meeting of the Quarterly Conference of the M.E. Church (Pittsfield Circuit) that building a house of worship in Oberlin was first introduced. Committees were appointed for soliciting funds and supervising the construction of a building on the east side of South Main Street. Dedicated in 1873, that building served the Methodist Episcopal Church until 1906 when a large stone structure on North Main Street, the site of the present Hall Auditorium, was built to replace it. This church, designed by Lyman Beecher Williams, who also designed and built Rust Methodist Church, burned in 1917. The Methodists worshipped in Warner Hall and then in the old Second Congregational Church before moving in to the present red brick Colonial style building which was dedicated January 1,1928. The cornerstone of the original church, dated 1870 was recently re-discovered and has been incorporated into the sign in front of the church.

We are grateful to Mr. Richard Lothrop for much historical data.

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