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(Oberlin Historical and Improvement Organization)


Friends Meetings are reported to have begun on the Oberlin campus in the 1930's. Earliest documentation of a Meeting at Oberlin is a 1946 reference to Dan and Dorothy Kinsey's organizing one. From the 1950's records exist of letters written to President Truman and to Richard Nixon; the Meeting has an ongoing history of actively protesting executions, nuclear weapons, biological warfare, discrimination in housing, the Vietnam War and the Gulf War. In the 1960's the Meeting gave support to college students protesting the Vietnam War and those who were conscientious objectors. John and Miriam Kennedy and later, Ruth Schwaegerle held the Meeting together through some difficult years until 1990 when the viability of the Meeting was revived by Diana and Kirk Roose. And in 1993 attendance grew with the coming of the Kendal at Oberlin retirement community. The Meeting promoted a Winter Term course on the campus, "Alternatives to Violence-Conflict Resolution" under the sponsorship of Professor Paul Moser. Oberlin hosted the Lake Erie Yearly Meeting in 1995 and 1996. The intergenerational Oberlin Friends Meeting tries to meet the spiritual needs of students on campus who feel drawn to the Quaker way of life and worship. Meetings are on campus and at Kendal at Oberlin.


This material was gathered by Ruth Schwaegerle, Recording Clerk.

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