* The following statements will show the difference in death rate in several of the Southern cities as compared with a like number of Northern cities for the year 1878:

The death rate per 1,000 of population during that year ran as follows: New York City, 24.93; New Orleans, (exclusive of deaths from yellow fever,) 30.02; Philadelphia, 17.96; Savannag, 30.25; Cincinnati, 17.23; Mobile, 23.02; Chicago, 16.50; Nashville, 23.11; Cleveland, 16.72; Jacksonville, 21.10; Milwaukee, 14.35; Augusta, 18.33; Boston, 21.53; Charleston S. C., 28.98.

In the city of Charleston, South Carolina, the death rate of the white population was 20.95, while that of the colored was 35.14. In the District of Columbia, the death rates of whites was 16.37; while the colored was 32.24. In all the Southern cities where the death rate is given comparitively, that of the colored race far exceeds the whites, and the very large number of deaths among the colored people resulting from what is known as the zymotic or preventable diseases is especially noticed.


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