A. G. Comings

A. G. Comings became involved in a number of local affairs during his life in Oberlin. In 1889, following the organization of the Oberlin Council, Royal Arcanum, Comings became the first president of the organization. Later in the year, Comings again found a leadership role as the secretary in Oberlin's new Credit Association. Comings also dedicated himself to such improvement organizations as the Anti-Saloon League. By 1892, Comings' influence gained him the important role of mayor of Oberlin on the Republican ticket. During Comings' years as mayor, Oberlin saw the first use of electric street lights in 1893. Following his service as mayor, Comings served as a fire warden for the Oberlin fire department. His political aspirations, however, became greater than hist years as mayor could suffice. In 1899, Comings announced his candidacy for representative in the Ohio General Assembly. Following his nomination, he was elected later in the year. Comings continued to be an important member of Oberlin throughout the first few decades of the twentieth century.


Source: Wilbur H. Phillips, Oberlin Colony: The Story of a Century (Oberlin, 1933).

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