C. P. Doolittle

C. P. Doolittle served in a number of leadership roles in the town of Oberlin. In 1895, Doolittle became secretary of the Officers of the Oberlin Cinder Path Association, which was initially organized in 1895 to build a cinder path to the lake and to important places in other counties in the area. He took the position of treasurer in 1899. By 1909, Doolittle served on the Council under mayor O. F. Carter; Doolittle filled the vacancy in the Mayor's office following Carter's death in 1910. Following his term as Mayor, Doolittle became involved in a number of other projects around Oberlin, including a position as superintendent of buildings and grounds for Oberlin College. C. P. Doolittle died in 1928.


Source: Wilbur H. Phillips, Oberlin Colony: The Story of a Century (Oberlin, 1933).

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