Alfred Fauver

Alfred Fauver, who served as mayor of Oberlin for a number of years, played a vital role in community and political affairs in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. A soldier in the Civil War, Fauver came to Oberlin in 1891. Beginning in 1895, he served as vice president, along with M. G. Dick, on the Oberlin Board of Commerce. In the 1896 Republican caucus, Alfred Fauver was named mayor. Defeating Democratic candidate A. R. Champney, Fauver went on to be elected mayor for five terms. On February 29, 1904, Fauver died in the middle of his fifth term, replaced temporarily by M. G. Dick and permanently by O. F. Carter, president of the Council.

Source: Wilbur H. Phillips, Oberlin Colony: The Story of a Century (Oberlin, 1933).

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