Samuel Plumb

Samuel Plumb, an Oberlin banker and gas works owner, played an important role in Oberlin's Republican Party politics in the nineteenth century. During the Civil War, Plumb was the mayor of Oberlin in 1864 and 1865. In his other duties as a Republican, Plumb served as a delegate to the 1865 Republican state convention, at which he nominated Gerneral Jacob Dolson Cox for Governor. By 1866, amidst anger over what was seen as President Andrew Johnson's all too lenient Reconstruction policy, Plumb and other Oberlin residents held a public meeting affirming their resolve against Johnson's policies. In 1868, Plumb took his animosity a step further, serving as chairman in a meeting favoring the impeachment of President Johnson.

Source: Wilbur H. Phillips, Oberlin Colony: The Story of a Century (Oberlin, 1933).

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