Oberlin: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow...

Chapter 1

Where in the World is Oberlin?


Oberlin is located about 12 miles south of Lake Erie and 35 miles west of Cleveland in the center of Lorain County, in the state of Ohio, in the country of the United States of America, on the continent of North America, on the Northern Hemisphere, on the planet Earth.


Can you place Oberlin on this world map?


Visit Lake Erie and Cleveland on the web!

The State of Ohio

Study the map of Ohio below. You can click on the map to make it larger.


Ohio has both natural and man-made sections of its boundary. The natural boundary represents several different bodies of water. What large body of water creates much of Ohio's northern boundary?

What city is the Capitol of Ohio?

Find Ohio on a map of the United States of America and identify the five states that border Ohio.







Name one city on this map other than Oberlin that you have visited. Write about what you noticed and what you did there.


Lorain County

Study the map of Lorain County below.

What is the name of the county in which you live?

In what state can you find this county?

Locate the Lake Erie shoreline.

Visit Lorain County on the web!

City of Oberlin

Click on map to enlarge.

Locate the city limits (corporation line).

Locate Plum Creek.

Locate State Rt. 511 and State Route. 58, the two state highways run through Oberlin.

What is the street name in Oberlin for State Route 511?

What is the street name in Oberlin for State Route 58?

Locate each of the following landmarks.

_______ Allen Art Museum

_______ Allen Memorial Hospital

_______ City Hall/ Police Station

_______ Conservatory of Music

_______ Eastwood School

_______ Finney Chapel

_______ Fire Station

_______ First Church

_______ Charles Martin Hall House

_______ Industrial Park/ FAA

_______ Martin L. King Jr. Park

_______ Langston Middle School

_______ John Mercer Langston House

_______ Little Red Schoolhouse

_______ Oberlin High School

_______ Oberlin Inn

_______ Oberlin Public Library

_______ Prospect School

_______ Tappan Square/ Memorial Arch

_______ Tappan Square/ Historic Elm Site

_______ Underground Railroad Sculpture

_______ Westwood Cemetery

_______ Your home


Your Place in Space

Where Do You Live?

My street address is _________________________________________________.

My city is _________________________________________________________.

My county is _______________________________________________________.

My state is _________________________________________________________.

My country is ______________________________________________________.

My continent is _____________________________________________________.

My hemisphere is ___________________________________________________.

My planet is _______________________________________________________.

My phone number is (including area code) (________) _____________________ .


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