Remembering the First Dedication, 1887

Oberlin Class Pin

Inscribed on back: "J.H.P. 1889"

Donated by D.C. Dooley

Oberlin College Archives

Peters Hall and Cabinet Hall (foreground), Ca. 1888

Photo by C.A. Falor & Smedley

Oberlin College Archives

This photograph provides a good view of the buildings surrounding Peters during the late 1880s. Cabinet Hall, constructed by the village of Oberlin in 1851 as a public school, was purchased by the College in 1874. To make room for Peters, the north wing of the building was torn down. Cabinet Hall was razed in 1902 upon the completion of Severance Laboratory.

William Goodell Frost (A.B. 1879, A.M. 1879, D.D. 1894; d. 1938)

Photographer unknown

Oberlin College Archives

In 1885, Professor Frost traveled to Manistee, Michigan, to solicit $50,000 from R.G. Peters. Peters reportedly said yes within fifteen minutes; Frost countered with: "With God, all things are possible, the pine forests are His. Arthur Tappan still lives. Captain Bradley's work completed."

Captain Bradley Bankrolls the "Observatory"

" the middle of next week the contractors (Doerzbach and Decker of Sandusky) wil(l) be entitled to $8000 and the Same Amt about the middle of Each month for five months making $40,000...."

A. Bradley to Pres. James H. Fairchild, June 5, 1885

Correspondence, Treasurer's Office, Oberlin College Archives


Professor John M. Ellis, Chairman of the Peters Hall Building

Committee, noted: "The work of the contractors has been performed with conscientious fidelity throughout."

Peters Hall Dedication Program (January 26,1887), p.10

Oberlin College Archives

Peters Hall: the "most perfect college building in the U.S., Peters Hall Dedication Program (January 26,1887), p.2

Oberlin College Archives

Edmund Burke Fairfield (A.B. 1842, A.M. 1845; d. 1904)

Photographer unknown

Oberlin College Archives

This former Oberlin Trustee (1872-76) gave an Oration at the Peters Hall dedication, titled "The Essentials of A College."

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