Faculty-Staff Burial Locations


Please note that the map numbers indicate

approximate locations only and that a single number may designate several burials in the

same vicinity. Scale was neither attempted nor approached.

Adams, Charles H., M-4

Adams, Margaret Jones, (Mrs. Charles H.), M-4

Alexander, Leigh, I-9

Allen, George N., C-1

Anderegg, Frederick, I-12

Andrews, George Whitfield, E-12

Barber, Amzi D., H-2

Barr, Robert R., I-2

Barrows, John H., H-3

Baxley, Katrine MacGlashan, M-8
(No marker; in Henderson section)

Bischoff, John K., P-6

Bohn, W. Frederick, E-4
(No marker; beside stone "Bertie Alice")

Bosworth, Edward Franklin, I-8

Bosworth, Edward Increase, I-8

Boyers, W. Hayden, I-6

Bradley, Arthur E., E-14

Brand, James, O-4

Brown, Mable Denis, (Mrs. Ernest), G-2

Brown, Robert E., D-2

Browning, Flora Hill, (Mrs. William R.), P-7

Browning, Grace Thomas, (Mrs. Charles H.), M-9

Burrell, Jabez Lyman, N-2

Butler, Lysle K., I-2

Cairns, Iva Crofoot, (Mrs. William D.), M-3

Cairns, William D., M-3

Capps, Edward, Jr., S-4

Capps, Paulina Coons, (Mrs. Edward, Jr.), S-4

Cargill, Dora R., E-2

Cargill, H. Wade, E-2

Carr, Carolyn Reed, (Mrs. F. Easton), S-5

Carr, F. Easton, S-5

Carr, Robert K., I-1

Carter. Howard H., L-3

Caskey, William G., E-l0

Chamberlain, Ernest B., I-3
(No marker; beside Chamberlain-Peck stone)

Chamberlain, William B., I-13

Chapin, William H., P-7

Chapman, Marguerite L., E-18

Chase, L(aura) Nell, L-l
(No marker; by Chase-Woodward stone)

Churchill, Charles H., C-5

Clague, Florence Hall, (Mrs. Charles H.), I-3
(No marker; just west and south of the Chamberlain-Peck stone)

Clark, Eliza Branch, (Mrs. George), B-2

Cochran, William, C-3

Conkling, Mary Ann Adams, (Mrs. Charles), C-6

Conway, Elsie Sikkerbol, (Mrs. Eugene H.), Z-l

Cowdery, Kirke L., O-2

Cowdery, Mary Taylor, (Mrs. Kirke L.), O-2

Cowles, Alice Welch, (Mrs. Henry), B-5

Cowles, Henry, B-5

Cressy, Wilfred W., L-l

Cross, Roselle T., Q-4

Currier, Albert H., O-8

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