Taylor, Thomas M., E-15

Tenney, Edward A., I-6

Tenney, Henry Martyn, O-3

Thompson, Rosa M., E-18

Thompson, Uriah, H-4

Thornton, Hermann H., I-1

Thurston, Hiram B., T-2

Tobin, Frank W., P-8

Trefethren, Anna L., Q-6
(No marker; near stone of Leslie and Ruth Frost)

Tucker, Forrest G., I-1

Upton, William Treat, E-8

Wager, Charles H.A., P-2

Ward, Clarence, S-3

Weaver, Homer E., P-12

Webber, Louise Armstrong, (Mrs. Hugh E.), I-15

White, George H., I-12

Williams, Arthur L., R-3

Williams, Kenneth F., P-S

Wilson, Herrick E., M-3

Wirkler, Jack E., F-2

Woodruff, Mthea Rowland, (Mrs. C. Merle), M-2

Wooster, Harvey A., S-4

Wright, Albert A., C-6

Wright, Etta M., O-1

Wright, Fanny Foster, C-4

Wright, George Frederick, O-1

Wright, Mary Hill, (Mrs. Albert A.), C-6

Wright, Mary Martha, C-6

Wright, William W., C-6

Wyett, George P., B-8

Wyett, Georgianna Margaret, B-8

Yeamans, Laurel E., P-I11

Yeaton, Chester H , S-2

Yeaton, Marie Johnson, (Mrs Chester H ) S-2

Yocom, Margaret, P-10

Yocom, Mary S, P-10

Researched by Oberlin College Archives. Produced by the Office of College Relations, Oberlin College; Oberlin, Ohio.


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