Schedule of Events    

9:00-9:30    Welcome, Science Bldg.  Coffee, tea, and juice will be provided. An initial get-acquainted opportunity and time to pick up programs, fill out name tags, and meet other participants.
9:30-10:30 Dr. Steven L. Grafe, illustrated presentation on the history of the Spalding/Allen collection, with discussion period.  
10:30-11:00   Recess to adjacent reception area; Nez Perce weaving artist, Ms. Lynnette Pinkham, will give a master class on the technique of flat-twined weaving.  
11:00-12:00 Mary Schlick, illustrated presentation on the history and development of flat-twined bags on the Columbia River Plateau, with discussion period.
12:00-2:00 Lunch Break, with visits to exhibits at AMAM and OC Library.  
2:00-2:40 Panel Discussion: “The Educational Value of Museum Collections” with Dr. Grimm, Dr. Baumann, and Ms. Atack.  
2:45-3:30 Panel Discussion: “Ethical issues in the repatriation of Native American art and material culture,” Dr. Joyce Szabo.  Dr. Szabo will introduce and chair a panel on repatriation of Native American patrimony.
3:30-3:45 Presentation of Oberlin twined bag to Mr. Josiah Pinkham, Nez Perce Tribal Ethnographer. 
3:45-4:45 Ms. Lynnette Pinkham, demonstration and discussion, Part II, book exhibit (by the Oberlin Book Store) and contemporary basketry display.