DANCING IN THE LANDSCAPE: The Sculpture of Athena Tacha, 2000

Introductory essay by Harriet F. Senie, Director of Museum Studies and Professor of Art History at The City College and Graduate Center CUNY.

Interview conducted by Glenn Harper, editor of Sculpture magazine.

Hardcover, 9 1/4 x 9 1/4 inches, 144 pages, 220 color ill. Published by Editions Ariel of Grayson Publishing, Washington, DC (ISBN 0-9679143-1-0, U.S. $29.95, Canada $39.95). Can be ordered from Amazon.com or Rizzoli (New York) and major art bookstores.

This book is the most comprehensive presentation of Athena Tacha's outdoor public commissions of the 25 years before its publication.

One of the initiators of "site-specific" architectural sculpture - a significant shift in attitude that brought "land art" into a social and environmental context - Tacha has been a finalist in more than 150 national and international competitions. Of the 50-some commissions she won, over 40 have been executed throughout the United States, from New York and Florida, to Arizona and Alaska, including an entire city-block park in downtown Philadelphia.

Dancing in the Landscape is lavishly illustrated with over 200 color photographs and extensive texts written by the sculptor, describing and explaining 80-some of her projects. Through her candid documentation of successes and failures in working with public commissions, Tacha offers her wide experience with hundreds of competitions. As a result, artists, landscape architects, historians, critics and collectors with an interest in the history of public art will find Dancing in the Landscape an invaluable reference.