Baron Pineda, Ph.D



Contact Information

Baron Pineda teaches the following classes at Oberlin College:

Anthropology 278, "Human Rights, Relativism and Universalism"

Anthropology 101, "Introduction to Cultural Anthropology"

Anthropology 210, "Indigenous Peoples of Latin America"
First Year Seminar Program 142, "What's in a Name: Understanding the World through the Names of its Places"
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Advising and Service:

Over the years Professor Pineda has led student and alumni groups to the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua and most recently the United Nations Headquarters in New York City.

Oberlin students and Prof. Pineda at UN Headquarters during the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, May, 2007. (From L to R, Molly Wolosky, Kendra Pettis, Rebecca Eiseman, Sydney Harris, Baron Pineda, not pictured, Yu Sato, Daniel Klepacz, Minday Tauberg)