Megan B. Wallace

Hi. My name is Meg Wallace. I am a Visiting Assistant Professor in the Philosophy Department at Oberlin College. I recently received my PhD in Philosophy at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

My interests are primarily in Metaphysics, Ontology, and related areas of Philosophy of Language, with side interests in Logic, Philosophy of Religion, and Philosophy of Mind.

In my dissertation, Composition is Identity, I defend the view that the relation between the parts of an object and the whole object is the identity relation--i.e., that parts are identical to their whole. There are many arguments against such a view, none of which (I argue) are successful if one adopts a plural language and what I call 'plural counting'. Moreover, Composition is Identity, together with a liberal notion of parthood, provides an elegant solution to classic puzzles of material constitution. A link to my dissertation, broken down chapter by chapter, can be found below.

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