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Ron Cheung

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Ron Cheung, Professor & Dept. Chair of Economics, Oberlin College

Phone: (440) 775-8971

Fax: (440) 774-6978


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Ron Cheung

Professor & Department Chair,

Department of Economics, Oberlin College


Mailing address:

Department of Economics, Oberlin College

Rice Hall 233

10 N. Professor St.

Oberlin, OH† 44074


Contact information:

Office: Rice Hall 229

Phone: (440) 775-8971

Fax: (440) 775-6978††††††††††††



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Ron Cheung, Associate Professor of Economics, Oberlin College. Photo credit: Jennifer Manna.

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News & Updates.


Feb. 2019. Updated working papers and CV.


Aug. 2017: I am now the Chair of the Department of Economics. Update of CV.





Research interests:

 Public finance

 Urban economics

 Homeownersí associations and private governments

 Voting & property taxes

 Real estate

 Land-use regulation