One of my principal hobbies is photography, and one of my favorite subjects is classic steam engines, such as this Berkshire 2-8-4, made by the Lima Locomotive Works in Lima, Ohio. I took this photo of the Nickel Plate Road locomotive No. 765 in Vermilion, Ohio, in November 1987.

steam locomotive


In addition to photography, I am a collector.  I enjoy mechanical things of all sorts.  This includes musical instruments, of course, but also antique telephones and typewriters, and especially vintage Lionel trains from the pre- and post-war era up to 1957. Here's a scene from a layout I once had on the living room floor:

Lionel trains

Gisela in our garden

 Here is my wife Gisela, an assistant laboratory instructor and technician in the Neuroscience Program at Oberlin. 

Below  is our daughter Jennifer and her husband Dan Weaver.  Jennifer is an associate professor of biology and genetics at the University of Colorado, Boulder, and Dan is a computer consultant in the pharmaceutical industry.  Jenny and Dan have three sons, shown here in a vintage photo from 2009.  They are Dylan, Benji, and Sammy.  Now in 2015 they are 14, 16, and 9.  


VW fans and others might enjoy this view of our vintage bug, part of our family since 1966, and still running fine.  It's a 1959 with its original 36hp motor and 6-volt electrical system.

green 1959 VW

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