My East of Eden

Pipo Nguyen-duy, professor of art and photography, has produced a collection of images called East of Eden: Vietnam that examine the changing landscape of America, Vietnam, and the displacement of humanity since 9/11. He earned a Guggenheim fellowship in 2011 to continue this project.

Nguyen-duy is among the artists who will be featured in Asia America Art Collective (AAArt), a series of performances, workshops, and lectures on April 5 and 6 at Oberlin College. AAArt is a newly formed campus group that seeks to support artists within or influenced by the Asian diaspora and showcase their varied expressions of creativity.

This image was shot in Vietnam as part of My East of Eden, Nguyen-duy’s third installment in his ongoing photographic project of staged, large-scale, color photographs that explore hope and renewal 30 years after the Vietnam War.

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From the collection My East of Eden by Pipo Nguyen-duy