A Culture of Sustainability

Traverse the Oberlin campus and you’ll see evidence of sustainability everywhere, from energy efficient light bulbs to water resource monitors, from LEED-certified buildings and residence halls, to solar panels on rooftops. You’ll also see scores of recycling bins strategically dispersed around town.

These and other efforts prompted the college to vie for the top spot in a public video voting competition sponsored by Second Nature, a national nonprofit that helps leaders in higher education create healthy, just, and sustainable communities. Oberlin’s video highlights the many ways the college incorporates sustainability into the culture of the campus and community.

In addition, American College and University Presidents’ Climate Commitment named Oberlin one of 20 colleges and universities nationwide that best exemplifies its mission to “re-stabilize the earth’s climate through education, research, and community engagement.” Watch Oberlin’s video and vote.

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Photograph courtesy of Oberlin College Office of Communications