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2004 Clarance Ward Birthday Pictures


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Infinite Curiosity: Oberlin, Children and Art (Clarence Ward Birthday Party 2004)
Denine Del Balso and Barbara Prior

Anchor Blocks Froebel Blocks John Frederick Oberlin
anchorblocks1 Froebel J.F.Oberlin1       J.F.Oberlin7
anchorblocks3 Froebel J.F.Oberlin10       J.F.Oberlin11
anchorblocks4 Froebel J.F.Oberlin2       J.F.Oberlin3        J.F.Oberlin8
anchorblocks5 Froebel J.F.Oberlin4        J.F.Oberlin9
anchorblocks6 Froebel J.F.Oberlin5        J.F.Oberlin6


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November 14, 2013