Ray Johnson: Legacy

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"Out of a life of necessity I have written a lot of letters and given away a lot of material and information, and it has been a compulsion.  And as I've done this, it has become historical.  It's my resume, it's my biography, it's my history, it's my life."

On January 13, 1995, Ray Johnson was last seen jumping off of Long Island’s Sag Harbor bridge.  After a long investigation, his apparent suicide at the age of 67 is considered by many to have been carefully planned.  His death, it seems, was a predetermined, carefully crafted 'final work.'

Johnson corresponded with many artist during his life.  His influence on correspondence, mail art, and artistamps is undeniable.  After his mysterious death in 1995, mail art artists felt compelled to pay homage to the father of the movement.  These works are a selection from the archive of Reid Wood, and show several responses to Johnson’s death, and inspirations from his work.

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July 12, 2018