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Series: Poster Stamps and Artistamps

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During the golden age of poster stamps from 1900 to 1914, a culture spring up around the medium. There were poster stamp collectors (possibly even more than postage stamp collectors), poster stamp clubs, exhibitions, and dealers. The stamps were affixed to envelopes, but were also given away as promotions. Often companies would encourage people to collect an entire series of the stamps to be exchanged for a reward.  Viewers were attracted to the design of these miniature posters, and would collect them for personal use as well, often trying to complete a whole set or series.

Collectors tend to group poster stamps by category; There are stamps made to advertise anything from railroads and industry to bicycles, politics, and expositions. Within these categories are variations in design, shape and color.  Robert Biggert (OC '62) donated the collection of poster stamps that is on display in this exhibit. His collection includes over 300 stamps, and is organized by the general categories of products, figures, symbols, places, and features of the medium.

The series shown here represent examples of both collections and repetition and design. The Konigle Fachingen and Peace series would have been collected by individuals hoping to gather a complete set. The Fischerei-Ausstellung/Halaszati Kiallitas and Heilbronn sets show images that were reproduced multiple times, even for different products or events.


Elvis Ed Varney (Canadada), Bano David Vargo,

Greetings from Russia Geert de Decker, Boxer Carlo Pittore

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