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Finding Books at the End of the Semester

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OBIS says the book I want has a status of RECENTLY RETURNED or CHECK HOLDING AREA but I can't find it on the shelf. Where is it?

We are expecting over 9,000 books to be returned over the next few weeks. In order to keep up with this torrent of materials, we will begin shelving returned books in holding areas in the stacks sometime in December. The books are separated into their general call number breakdowns, but are not in strict call number order.

If you need a book that is not checked out, and you cannot find it in the stacks, please check the holding areas. Once the holding areas are arranged, a map of the holding areaswill be available.

2nd floor holding areas

red elevator alcove

southwest empty shelving

3rd floor holding areas

north wall of the south stacks

red elevator alcove


4th floor holding area

east of the green elevator

NOTE: Very recently handled books are shelved in the circulation work area. A circulation staff member can escort you to this area to browse after you've checked the stacks.

What about books with a status of AVAILABLE?

Even books that have not been recently checked out may be shelved in the holding areas, if they were used recently. Please check both the holding areas and the stacks. In order to devote all our time to getting books back to the stacks, we will no longer be accepting searches for library materials. You are encouraged to request a hold on any item you need, and if we handle it over the next few days we will automatically set it aside and notify you of its availability.

Is there a holding area for periodicals?

We are reshelving periodicals as quickly as possible. Volumes off the shelf are either in use, waiting to be reshelved in the red elevator alcove on the second floor or on the reshelving trucks behind the circulation desk. The circulation desk staff is happy to check the reshelving trucks for you to retrieve volumes you need.

What if I need a book that's still checked out?

In our experience, there is no point in recalling books at the end of the semester. Borrowers are given several days to return recalled items, and the need is usually more urgent than that. If you need checked out material, you may request a hold, and if the book is returned in the next few days we will automatically set it aside and notify you of its availability. In addition, you may speak with a circulation desk supervisor to see if there are any options to speed up the return of the book. Finally, consult with the reference staff to see if we have other, similar resources available for you.

Last updated:
December 02, 2013