RichardPortraitErwin Hart Richards (1851-1928) graduated from oberlin College with a BA in 1877 and an MA in 1880. Form 1880-1908 he and his family lived and workded as missionaries in Natal, South Africa and Inhambane, Portuguese East Africa ( Mozambique). These photographs of Richards are found in the Richards Family Photographs Album housed in the Oberlin College Archives.

photos courtesy of Oberlin College Archives
AELeroy RhodaClarkLeroy

Albert Emily Leroy (1873 – 1960) obtained a Master’s degree from Oberlin Theological Seminary in 1901. His wife, Rhoda Clark Leroy (1873-1959) received a BA from Oberlin College in 1898. The couple served as missionaries at the Amonzimtote Institute ( now Adams Collge ) in Natal, from 1901 to 1926.



Reverend Josiah Tyler (1823-1895), the author of Forty Years Among the Zulu, and his wife Susan W. Tyler served as missionaries in South Africa.



susan tyler

Sarah Bell Sanders ( OC 1887 ) and her husband Wiliam H. Sanders served as missionaries in the Bihe Province of Angola.




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