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List of Perspectives Articles by Issue

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Article TitleIssue NumberPageDate 
The Friends Take Off11December 1991 
Douglass Gift of Books on Organ History and Construction11December 1991 
Oberlin's Library Today: A Panel Discussion13December 1991 
Gests Donate Upton Sinclair Materials16December 1991 
Early American Imprints on OBIS16December 1991 
The Harold Jantz Memorial Lecture: "FDR: Builder and Bibliophile"17December 1991 
Moffett to Lecture on Dead Sea Scrolls and Intellectual Freedom21March 1992 
King Gift of Renaissance Books21March 1992 
Jackson Donates Aldous Huxley Collection23March 1992 
A Look at the Conservatory Library: Then and Now23March 1992 
Library Capital Campaign Approved31May 1992 
Boyd Appointed Associate Director31May 1992 
Moffett Lectures on Scrolls31May 1992 
Students Make it All Happen32May 1992 
High Tech in the Conservatory Library33May 1992 
Carl Rowan to Speak at the Friends Dinner41September 1992 
Roe and Sprague Offer Friends Membership Challenge41September 1992 
Tharp Collection of Presidential Campaign Biographies42September 1992 
Finney Bicentennial Exhibition43September 1992 
Guzik Gift of Judaic Studies Collection43September 1992 
The Reference Department Gears Up44September 1992 
Student Drama Wins National honors45September 1992 
Moffett Videotape Available45September 1992 
Introducing FirstSearch: A New World of Information51February 1993 
The Ellen Johnson Collection51February 1993 
Lecture, Workshop, and Exhibit on Bookbinding52February 1993 
Noted Writer Melissa Fay Greene to Return52February 1993 
Aaron Copland Bequest to Conservatory Library52February 1993 
Friends Council and Membership Meetings Highlights53February 1993 
Where Will the Money Go?53February 1993 
New Electronic Resources Available55February 1993 
Carl Rowan Addresses Friends of the Library56February 1993 
The Carl Rowan Papers57February 1993 
American 19th Century Book Cover Design61May 1993 
Meier Gift of Books on History of India61May 1993 
Not Just a Study Hall: The Science Library62May 1993 
The Mending Lab64May 1993 
Melissa Fay Greene64May 1993 
Library of Congress Catalogs Now Available via the Internet68May 1993 
Romulus Linney to Speak at the Friends Dinner71September 1993 
Documents Transmitted Electronically71September 1993 
Author of Cultural Revolution Memoir to Speak in November72September 1993 
New FirstSearch Databases72September 1993 
The Plays of Romulus Linney: An Interview with Jane Armitage74September 1993 
Focus on Preservation: Brittle Books and Deacidification75September 1993 
Connecting to the World through LIBS77September 1993 
Library Welcomes New Reference Librarian77September 1993 
Library Receives Major Preservation Grant81February 1994 
Oberlin's CD-ROM Network Debuts81February 1994 
New Electronic Services82February 1994 
The Library's Quality Cataloging82February 1994 
Learning Basic Library Skills83February 1994 
Romulus Linney Addressed Friends Dinner85Feb-94 
New Online System for Library91May 1994 
Library Serves as Test Site for Oxford Analytica91May 1994 
Science Faculty Have Document Delivery Options92May 1994 
Sent by Pony Express (ILL)92May 1994 
Focus on the Collections: Artists' Books in the Art Library93May 1994 
And the Winner Is! (student book collection)94May 1994 
Johnetta Cole "57 to Speak at Friends Dinner101September 1994 
Table of Contents and Document Delivery Services Available to Faculty101September 1994 
Planning for the Year 2000102September 1994 
Progress on New System103September 1994 
Developing Oberlin's Library Collections104September 1994 
Interlibrary Loan: An Old Idea Reaching New Heights106September 1994 
New CD-ROM Databases107September 1994 
Focus on Reading107September 1994 
Celebrating the New Online System111February 1995 
Electronic News of the Day111February 1995 
The Library's World Wide Web Homepage112February 1995 
Focus on the Collections: East Asian Studies113February 1995 
New Electronic Services: Quick Mail Book Orders113February 1995 
In Memory of Erwin Griswold114February 1995 
Leonard Baskin to Speak in April117February 1995 
New Art Work Installed in Library117February 1995 
In Memoriam William Andrew Moffett 1933-1995121May 1995 
Reveal Journal Table-of-Contents Site License121May 1995 
The Library of the Future: Differentiating Real Promise from Madness and Snake Oil122May 1995 
Collecting Faulkner123May 1995 
Gehenna Press Exhibition123May 1995 
Lucy Marks - Special Cataloger for a Special Collection124May 1995 
Frederic Cassidy '30, Editor of Dictionary of American Regional English, to Speak at Commencement125May 1995 
Elizabeth Eisenstein to Deliver Jantz Lecture131September 1995 
Mellon Foundation Funds Ohio College Library Cooperation131September 1995 
Project Muse: New Electronic Journal Access132September 1995 
Library Welcomes New Staff133September 1995 
Oberlin Participates in New Cooperative Cataloging Program133September 1995 
New Features in OBIS133September 1995 
President Dye to Speak at Friends Dinner134September 1995 
Remembering the War Years134September 1995 
William Roe Funds Preservation Endowment and Cataloging Project135September 1995 
Wallace Sprague Donates Important Manuscript Facsimile135September 1995 
Oberlin Celebrates OhioLINK Membership141February 1996 
Approval Plans: A New Era in Collection Development141February 1996 
Britannica Online142February 1996 
What Gutenberg Wrought142February 1996 
Sven Birkerts: The Gutenberg Elegies142February 1996 
Ben Custer Named Honorary President142February 1996 
Art Library Acquires Terra Candella Archive146February 1996 
Covell Gift of Art Books146February 1996 
Oberlin has ties to Unique Indian Library147February 1996 
Nicholas Basbanes to Speak on November 2151September 1996 
Academic Press Journals Online151September 1996 
Margaret Atwood to Speak at Friends Dinner152September 1996 
CD-ROM Network Expands152September 1996 
New Endowed Book Fund Established by Glazier Family153September 1996 
A Look at OhioLINK154September 1996 
Honoring Dina Schoonmaker155September 1996 
Faculty Workshop on Information Literacy161March 1997 
OBIS Now on the Web161March 1997 
What's All This Information Literacy Stuff Anyway?162March 1997 
Center for Research Libraries Collections Now Available through OhioLINK162March 1997 
Margaret Atwood Delights Capacity Audience at Friends Dinner163March 1997 
Honoring Susi: A New Name for Lanyi Fund166March 1997 
In Memoriam: Eileen Thornton and Benjamin A. Custer167March 1997 
Whitney Pape is New Special Collections Preservation Librarian168March 1997 
Project Muse Update168March 1997 
Retrospective Conversion at the Conservatory Library169March 1997 
Anthony Grafton: Renaissance Master171September 1997 
Ganzel Talk Available on Homepage173September 1997 
Search PCI Web for Older Journal Literature173September 1997 
Reference Department Welcomes New Member173September 1997 
Periodical Search Now Available on OBIS173September 1997 
Ex Libris: A Look at Library Bookplates174September 1997 
Congressional Research is Easier with CIS Congressional Compass176September 1997 
Literature Online, Full-Text and Ready to Search176September 1997 
FirstSearch Now Available on the World Wide Web177September 1997 
OCLC Union List of Periodicals177September 1997 
Information Literacy Workshops181February 1998 
Lexis-Nexis Now Available on the World Wide Web181February 1998 
Alumni Librarian Symposium184February 1998 
Two New Full-Text Databases in English Literature184February 1998 
Dissertations on the Web185February 1998 
Culpeper Foundation Preservation Grant Concludes186February 1998 
Cataloging Distinctions186February 1998 
Edward O. Wilson to Speak at Friends Dinner191September 1998 
1,150 Elsevier Journals Now Available Online191September 1998 
Citation Index Available via the Web192September 1998 
Jerome McGann is 1998 Jantz Lecturer193September 1998 
Focus on Collections: The Violin Society of America Herbert K. Goodkind Collection194September 1998 
New Science Library to Open August 2001201February 1999 
Many New Databases Online201February 1999 
Full Text Expands201February 1999 
Electronic Reserve Service Now Available202February 1999 
Library Joins Scholarly Publishing Initiative202February 1999 
Approval Plan Changes202February 1999 
Alumni Librarian Conference Scheduled for November203February 1999 
Five Colleges Receive Information Literacy Grant203February 1999 
Scott Bennett to Speak at Friends Dinner211September 1999 
JSTOR Titles Now Online at Oberlin211September 1999 
Branch Library Heads Reflect on First Year211September 1999 
Focus on Collections: Oberlin's Anti-Slavery Collection215September 1999 
New Digital Media Resources215September 1999 
Online Journal Access Expands215September 1999 
Oberlin Alumni Librarian Conference221February 2000 
President Dye's Welcoming Remarks at the Alumni Conference222February 2000 
The Five Colleges of Ohio Awarded Mellon Grant for Information Literacy223February 2000 
Moving Images at Oberlin: The Library's Video Collection225February 2000 
Taylor Branch to Speak at Friends Dinner231September 2000 
Library Receives Major Grant for Diversity Initiative231September 2000 
Noted Historian to Speak on Abolition232September 2000 
"Free at Last" Exhibition on Display During September232September 2000 
Conservatory Library Construction and Renovation Nears Completion233September 2000 
Ed Vermue is New Special Collections and Preservation Librarian234September 2000 
Electronic Reserve System Expands234September 2000 
Oberlin Indexes; Providing Access to Unique Materials235September 2000 
Information Literacy Initiative Takes Off241May 2001 
Digital Developments241May 2001 
Erlers Receive Life Memberships242May 2001 
Friends Meeting Highlights242May 2001 
Friends Establish Graduate Library School Scholarship242May 2001 
Friends Research Awards Announced242May 2001 
Fellowship Program Off to a Great Start243May 2001 
Friends Trip to Clements Library on May 14243May 2001 
New Friends of the Library Acquisitions243May 2001 
Special Collections Open House Commencement Weekend243May 2001 
A Tribute to Jean Binford244May 2001 
Heather Smith (Re)Joins Library Staff245May 2001 
In Memory of Ralph Ellsworth245May 2001 
Conservatory Library Celebration246May 2001 
Yongyi Song in Oberlin246May 2001 
Nicholson Baker to Speak at Friends Dinner251Fall 2001 
ILLiad Improves Interlibrary Loan251Fall 2001 
Robert Darnton to Deliver Jantz Lecture251Fall 2001 
Friends of the Library Update252Fall 2001 
Recent Gifts252Fall 2001 
Increased Electronic Access Through Ingenta253Fall 2001 
New Science Library Opens253Fall 2001 
International Library Conference Starts New Dialogue254Fall 2001 
Oberlin Collection Available through OhioLINK Digital Media Center256Fall 2001 
In Memory of Mary McCorison Rosenbloom257Fall 2001 
Workshop on Plagiarism261Spring 2002 
Library Receives National Award for Excellence261Spring 2002 
Friends Award Honorary and Life Memberships262Spring 2002 
Sociology Student Receives First Research Award263Spring 2002 
Medieval Manuscript Donated263Spring 2002 
In Memory of Elizabeth Olmsted264Spring 2002 
Scientists Share Information Literacy Experiences265Spring 2002 
Alison Ricker Receives Distinguished Service Award265Spring 2002 
Michael Dirda '70 to Speak at Friends Dinner271Fall 2002 
ChatRef Service Begins271Fall 2002 
Digital Audio Reserve Pilot Project Begins271Fall 2002 
First Friends of the Library Scholarship Awarded272Fall 2002 
Jeffrey Hamburger to Deliver Jantz Lecture273Fall 2002 
Pages from the Past: An Exhibition of Medieval Manuscripts273Fall 2002 
New Digital Resources274Fall 2002 
Book Artist Richard Minsky Featured in September274Fall 2002 
Ohio Artists Treasure Trove275Fall 2002 
Volunteer Spotlight: Elizabeth Rumics275Fall 2002 
ACRL Excellence Award Luncheon276Fall 2002 
Reference Area Redesign277Fall 2002 
Student Friends Organization Flying High281Spring 2003 
Library to Acquire Seal Press Archives281Spring 2003 
Prior Wins Recognition for "Ask Clarence"281Spring 2003 
Research Awards Presented282Spring 2003 
Friends Honorary and Life Memberships283Spring 2003 
Michael Dirda on the Joys of Reading284Spring 2003 
In Memory of J. Periam Danton, '28285Spring 2003 
Reference Area Redesign285Spring 2003 
Emergency Response in Action286Spring 2003 
USA PATRIOT Act and Patron Privacy291Fall 2003 
Tracy Chevalier to Speak at Friends Dinner291Fall 2003 
Library Receives Major Grant for Librarian Recruitment291Fall 2003 
Artists' Book Exhibition in November293Fall 2003 
Collection of Robert M. Campbell '34293Fall 2003 
OhioLINK Pickup Anywhere Option Now Available294Fall 2003 
Friends Award Two Scholarships294Fall 2003 
New Artwork Commemorates Excellence294Fall 2003 
Megan Kinney Joins Library Staff295Fall 2003 
Traces of History: A William Lloyd Garrison Discovery296Fall 2003 
New Digital Resources296Fall 2003 
Library Hosts Chinese Library Director301Spring 2004 
Winter Term in South Africa Developing Youth Literacy301Spring 2004 
Finding and Using Images: Digital and Print301Spring 2004 
Graduate Library School Scholarship Reminder303Spring 2004 
Lucy Marks Receives Life Membership303Spring 2004 
Excellence in Research Awards Presented303Spring 2004 
Journals from SAGE Publications Available Electronically304Spring 2004 
Mellon Undergraduate Interns Selected304Spring 2004 
Chinese, Japanese, and Korean Characters in OBIS304Spring 2004 
Supporting Open Access Journals305Spring 2004 
The Lane Debates Reenacted in Oberlin305Spring 2004 
New Digital Resources305Spring 2004 
Alumna Librarian Named ALA-APA Director306Spring 2004 
Eureka! Seeing the Light in Mudd306Spring 2004 
Foundation Grants Support South Africa Winter Term311Fall 2004 
Michael Duffy to Speak at Friends Dinner311Fall 2004 
Electronic Delivery of Interlibrary Loan Articles311Fall 2004 
Friends Scholarship Winner312Fall 2004 
David Young Talk Available Online312Fall 2004 
"What are Artists' Books?" Exhibit312Fall 2004 
Digital Developments313Fall 2004 
Money in Politics and Life313Fall 2004 
Voter Registration @ the Library313Fall 2004 
Oberlin Grad Wins Mellon Scholarship314Fall 2004 
Two Obies Appointed Mellon Library Associates314Fall 2004 
Support for Prominent Open Access Publisher315Fall 2004 
SAILS: Assessing Information Literacy315Fall 2004 
Videoconferencing Now Available321Spring 2005 
ARTstor321Spring 2005 
Library Receives Second Major Grant for Librarian Recruitment321Spring 2005 
The Scoop on Student Friends322Spring 2005 
New Endowed Funds322Spring 2005 
Anton Kaes to Deliver Jantz Lecture323Spring 2005 
The Zabludow Synagogue Project323Spring 2005 
John Lawrence Receives Life Membership324Spring 2005 
Student Research Awards324Spring 2005 
Visiting Indonesian Librarian325Spring 2005 
Geraldine and Richard Meyer: In Memoriam325Spring 2005 
Virginia Proctor Powell Florence: A remarkable Oberlin Alumna Librarian325Spring 2005 
Oberlin News Tribune Online - The WWII Years326Spring 2005 
Naxos Music Library326Spring 2005 
New Electronic Resources331Fall 2005 
Robert Kuttner to Speak at Friends of the Library Dinner331Fall 2005 
Seal Press Archives Now Available331Fall 2005 
OhioLINK Books Available Longer332Fall 2005 
New Books List Available333Fall 2005 
Irving Klotz in Memoriam333Fall 2005 
Friends of the Library Scholarship333Fall 2005 
Teresa Collins is New Mellon Library Associate333Fall 2005 
Hammond Wins Mellon Scholarship334Fall 2005 
LibQUAL+: Staying in Touch with Library Users334Fall 2005 
Reading Girl Speaks: The Library's News Blog341Spring 2006 
Ray English Receives National Award341Spring 2006 
Mudd Statue Makeovers341Spring 2006 
Are We Safer in the Dark?342Spring 2006 
A Covenant of Seasons342Spring 2006 
Friends Honorary and Life Memberships343Spring 2006 
Student Research Awards343Spring 2006 
Research Appointments Popular with Students344Spring 2006 
Reference Service in an Instant345Spring 2006 
New Databases345Spring 2006 
CHE Online Campus-Wide346Spring 2006 
Faculty Guide Web Pages346Spring 2006 
Jefferson Architecture Collection346Spring 2006 
Academic Commons: A New Vision for Mudd Center351Fall 2006 
Adam Moss to Speak at Friends Dinner351Fall 2006 
New Look for Library Web Site351Fall 2006 
Challenge for New Members352Fall 2006 
Recent Gifts352Fall 2006 
Friends of the Library Update352Fall 2006 
Fall 2006 Programs352Fall 2006 
Osada Receives Multiple Scholarships353Fall 2006 
Two Win Friends of the Library Scholarship353Fall 2006 
Student Book Collecting Competition353Fall 2006 
Journey Towards Hope353Fall 2006 
Three Faculty Receive Special Collections Grants354Fall 2006 
Portions of Dewey Catalog to Become Special Collection354Fall 2006 
New Electronic Resources - Database Changes355Fall 2006 
Ray English Receives ACRL Award355Fall 2006 
Changes in the Art Library356Fall 2006 
New Librarian Recruiting Grant from Mellon361Spring 2007 
Academic Commons is a GO!361Spring 2007 
A Gift of Film361Spring 2007 
Recent Gifts362Spring 2007 
Friends Highlights362Spring 2007 
Spring 2007 Programs362Spring 2007 
2006-2007 Friends Council363Spring 2007 
Research Award Winners363Spring 2007 
Friends of the Library Purchases363Spring 2007 
New Databases364Spring 2007 
Two Life Memberships Awarded364Spring 2007 
Author Rights and Open Access: A Faculty Workshop365Spring 2007 
Jiann Lin Retires366Spring 2007 
Eric Carpenter to Retire367Spring 2007 
New Mellon Recruiting Coordinator368Spring 2007 
Mellon Library Scholars368Spring 2007 
Academic Commons: Time to Celebrate!371Fall 2007 
Nicholas Basbanes to Speak at Friends Dinner371Fall 2007 
History of the Book Symposium372Fall 2007 
Fall 2007 Programs372Fall 2007 
A Book Humboldt Gave to Schiller372Fall 2007 
Recent Gifts373Fall 2007 
Friends Scholarships Awarded373Fall 2007 
Friends Update373Fall 2007 
Xi Chen Joins Library Staff374Fall 2007 
Current Reading in the Academic Commons374Fall 2007 
Digital Developments375Fall 2007 
Jessica Grim is New Collection Development and Management Librarian375Fall 2007 
Three Faculty Receive Special Collections Grants375Fall 2007 
Eugene Owens is New Reference and Instruction Librarian376Fall 2007 
Haipeng Li Serves as CALA President376Fall 2007 
Soleau Wins Mellon Scholarship377Fall 2007 
Thornton Wilder Letter Uncovered377Fall 2007 
Julie Weir in New Public Services Role378Fall 2007 
Eric Carpenter Honored378Fall 2007 
David Matchim is New Mellon Fellow379Fall 2007 
The James and Susan Neumann Jazz Collection381Spring 2008 
Open Access Gains Ground381Spring 2008 
New Virtual Reference Service: KnowItNow Academic381Spring 2008 
Shansi Exhibit Coming This Spring382Spring 2008 
Spring 2008 Programs382Spring 2008 
Friends Highlights382Spring 2008 
Honorary and Life Members383Spring 2008 
Friends of the Library Purchases383Spring 2008 
Johnson Curates Jazz Collection384Spring 2008 
Science Librarians Gather in Oberlin385Spring 2008 
Recent Staff Changes386Spring 2008 
OhioLINK Electronic Book Center387Spring 2008 
Mellon Library Interns Selected388Spring 2008 
Marian Baum and Paul Erler in Memoriam389Spring 2008 
Gary Shteyngart to Speak at Friends Dinner391Fall 2008 
More New Looks in Mudd391Fall 2008 
New Librarian Recruiting Grant391Fall 2008 
Friends Scholarship Goes to Gervasio392Fall 2008 
Fall 2008 Programs392Fall 2008 
Friends Update393Fall 2008 
Library Awarded Social Entrepeneurship Grant393Fall 2008 
Carnegie Turns 100!393Fall 2008 
Student Book Collecting Contest394Fall 2008 
Biennial Book Sale394Fall 2008 
RefWorks Manages References and Creates Bibliographies395Fall 2008 
Missionary Ethnographic Collection Now Online395Fall 2008 
Haipeng Li Honored by CALA396Fall 2008 
Mudd on the Silver Screen--Again396Fall 2008 
Changes for AV and Archives396Fall 2008 
Jennifer Starkey: New Reference and Instruction Librarian397Fall 2008 
Sara Hasley is New Monographs Cataloger397Fall 2008 
Marla Thompson Joins Library Administrative Staff397Fall 2008 
Sim Wins Mellon Scholarship398Fall 2008 
Becky Luedeke in Memoriam398Fall 2008 
Tabia Gaston is Mellon Fellow398Fall 2008 
New Digital Resources399Fall 2008 
The Eric Selch Collection401Spring 2009 
OBIS Links to Google Books and Content Café401Spring 2009 
New Streamlined Journal Listing401Spring 2009 
Future of the Book Symposium402Spring 2009 
Spring 2009 Programs402Spring 2009 
Friends Highlights402Spring 2009 
Resourcerer's Apprentice is Online403Spring 2009 
Honorary and Life Members403Spring 2009 
Recent Gifts403Spring 2009 
Gift from the Annapolis Brass Quintet404Spring 2009 
Research Awards404Spring 2009 
Friends' Purchases404Spring 2009 
New Digital Resources405Spring 2009 
Ray English Wins 2009 Hugh C. Atkinson Award405Spring 2009 
The Folk Song Index: An Oberlin College Library and Sing Out! Collaboration405Spring 2009 
Major Collection of Early English Books Added406Spring 2009 
Azariah's: THE Place to Be406Spring 2009 
Changes in Technical Services407Spring 2009 
Mellon Library Interns Selected407Spring 2009 
Marjorie Henderson Retires408Spring 2009 
James McBride to Speak at Friends Dinner411Fall 2009 
Anti-Slavery Collection Goes Digital411Fall 2009 
Major Eighteenth-Century Resource Purchased411Fall 2009 
Friends Update412Fall 2009 
Fall 2009 Programs412Fall 2009 
"Future of the Book" Symposium Sparks Lively Discussion413Fall 2009 
Wooden Synagogue Exhibition Now on Display414Fall 2009 
Recent Gifts to the Library415Fall 2009 
Judy Fannin Retires415Fall 2009 
Ken Grossi Leads College Archives415Fall 2009 
ICA Treats Important Important Portraits416Fall 2009 
Gaston Awarded Friends of the Library Scholarship416Fall 2009 
New Digital Resources, Features, and Services417Fall 2009 
ClimateQual™ Survey of Library Staff Perceptions418Fall 2009 
Eboni Frances '97 Joins Reference and Instruction Department418Fall 2009 
Budget Challenges Impact Subscriptions418Fall 2009 
The Ruth Hughes Collection of Artists' Books421Spring 2010 
Library Receives Grant for Digital Collections421Spring 2010 
Open Access Resolution421Spring 2010 
Friends Highlights422Spring 2010 
Spring 2010 Programs422Spring 2010 
Recent Gifts422Spring 2010 
Gandhi, King, Ikeda Exhibition423Spring 2010 
New Friends Life Members423Spring 2010 
Friends of the Library 2009 Research Award Winners423Spring 2010 
Book Studies Interest Taking Off424Spring 2010 
The Frederic Pryor-Frank Kupka Collection424Spring 2010 
Friends of the Library Purchases424Spring 2010 
Barbara Lambert is Selch Collection Curator425Spring 2010 
Marsha Bansberg Continues Work on Digital Collections426Spring 2010 
Mudd Entrance Facelift426Spring 2010 
New Digital Resources426Spring 2010 
Progress with Digital Collections427Spring 2010 
Diana Shull Transitions from Teaching to Librarianship427Spring 2010 
Scott Bennett '60 Donates History of Printing Collection428Spring 2010 
Student Friends Rev Up428Spring 2010 
Jeannette Sorrell to Perform at Friends Dinner431Fall 2010 
iPads Now Available for Checkout431Fall 2010 
Oberlin's Big Read: Fahrenheit 451431Fall 2010 
Friends Update432Fall 2010 
Fall 2010 Programs432Fall 2010 
Recent Gifts432Fall 2010 
Archives Acquires Charles Langston Letter433Fall 2010 
Trizna Receives Friends Scholarship433Fall 2010 
New Digital Resources434Fall 2010 
Student Book Collection Competition434Fall 2010 
In Praise of Music: A Book Arts Sampling from the Selch Collection434Fall 2010 
Library Chosen for "Window to China" Book Donation Project435Fall 2010 
Molly Raphael '67 Elected ALA President435Fall 2010 
Book Studies Object Collection436Fall 2010 
Book Studies Workshop436Fall 2010 
Workshop on Google's Academic Content437Fall 2010 
Enhancing Learning Through Digital Collections437Fall 2010 
New Staff: Catalina Oyler and Pat Sturges437Fall 2010 
Kathy Carpenter and Linda Slocum Retire438Fall 2010 
Letterpress in the Library441Spring 2011 
Oberlin Joins CLOCKSS441Spring 2011 
Moving Forward with Open Access441Spring 2011 
Recent Gifts442Spring 2011 
Friends Spring 2011 Programs442Spring 2011 
Friends Highlights442Spring 2011 
2010-11 Friends Council443Spring 2011 
New Honorary and Life Members443Spring 2011 
Research Award Winners443Spring 2011 
Friends of the Library Purchases444Spring 2011 
Selina Wang Joins Library Staff445Spring 2011 
The Album Orné of Anne Thompson445Spring 2011 
Conservatory Library Special Collections on the Move445Spring 2011 
Artz Scholars Program Encourages Research about Oberlin446Spring 2011 
Book Studies and the Liberal Arts446Spring 2011 
Hathi Records Now Searchable in OhioLINK Catalog447Spring 2011 
More Digital Collections Enhance Learning447Spring 2011 
New Digital Resources448Spring 2011 
Staff Changes4411Spring 2011 
Mark Dimunation to Speak at Friends Dinner451Fall 2011 
Search With Summon: A Revolution in Access451Fall 2011 
Restoring Lost Voices of Self-Determination: The King-Crane commission Digital Collection451Fall 2011 
Jane Sanders Receives Friends Scholarship452Fall 2011 
Friends Update452Fall 2011 
Book Sale! November 11-12453Fall 2011 
Oberlin Joins Coalition of Open Access Institutions453Fall 2011 
Jefferson's Architetural Books Exhibition453Fall 2011 
New Digital Resources454Fall 2011 
More Digital Collections to be Integrated into Courses454Fall 2011 
Digital Media Workshop454Fall 2011 
Ojibwe Language Documents Rediscovered, Digitized455Fall 2011 
The Lemle Academic Commons456Fall 2011 
E-Books a Growing Part of Library's Collections456Fall 2011 
Library Supports American Democracy Project457Fall 2011 
Sarah Richardson is New Digital Projects Intern458Fall 2011 
Jeremey Smith Joins Conservatory Library Staff458Fall 2011 
Becky Washburn is New Bookkeeper458Fall 2011 
Marilee Lelak Retires459Fall 2011 
Octavofest: A Book Arts Celebration4510Fall 2011 
Phyllis Jones Receives National Cataloging Award461Spring 2012 
Neumann Collection Arrives461Spring 2012 
Oberlin Joins E-Book Lending Library461Spring 2012 
Claiming Citizenship Exhibition462Spring 2012 
Friends Program Videos Now Available Online462Spring 2012 
Friends Council Highlights462Spring 2012 
New Digital Resources463Spring 2012 
Margaret Forsythe '46 Receives Posthumous Honorary Membership463Spring 2012 
Wayne Steinmetz is Life Member463Spring 2012 
Oberlin Signs Berlin Declaration on Open Access464Spring 2012 
Friends Research Awards464Spring 2012 
Book in East Asia Workshop464Spring 2012 
Friends of the Library Purchases465Spring 2012 
A New Book on Oberlin466Spring 2012 
College Archivist Visits Japan466Spring 2012 
SearchOhio Access Now Available467Spring 2012 
New Staff467Spring 2012 
Oberlin Evangelist Digitized469Spring 2012 
Oberlin Featured in NYT Online469Spring 2012 
Oberlin Shares Scholarly and Creative Output471Fall 2012 
Molly Raphael '67 to Speak at Friends Dinner471Fall 2012 
Alumni Access to JSTOR471Fall 2012 
Recent Gifts472Fall 2012 
Friends of the Library Fall 2012 Programs472Fall 2012 
Friends Update472Fall 2012 
Campus Activism and Free Speech: CCNY Exhibition473Fall 2012 
Student Book Collection Competition473Fall 2012 
Selch Collection Exhibitions473Fall 2012 
The Papers of A. Hunter Dupree474Fall 2012 
Peter Kornicki to Deliver Jantz Lecture474Fall 2012 
Breslauer Foundation Funds Medieval Manuscript Purchase474Fall 2012 
Goodrich Room Updated in Major Renovation475Fall 2012 
New Library Website476Fall 2012 
Clarence Ward Archive Now in ARTstor476Fall 2012 
College Archives Debuts Shansi and Civil War Digital Collections476Fall 2012 
Ethnographic Collection Access Enhanced477Fall 2012 
New Digital Resources477Fall 2012 
An Actor's Actor: College Archives Acquires Tony Musante '58 Collection481Spring 2013 
The Illuminate Campaign and the Library481Spring 2013 
ACRL Website of the Month481Spring 2013 
Recent Gifts482Spring 2013 
Friends Council Highlights482Spring 2013 
Friends Honorary and Life Memberships483Spring 2013 
Delmas Foundation Gift for Neumann Collection483Spring 2013 
Research Award Winner483Spring 2013 
Alumni Access to Project Muse484Spring 2013 
Friend of the Library Purchases484Spring 2013 
Gabriele Brandstetter to Deliver Jantz Lecture485Spring 2013 
Digitization a Boon to Oberlin History485Spring 2013 
Art Department Digitized Slides Now Available485Spring 2013 
Special Collections Treasures in Museum Exhibitions486Spring 2013 
Tracy Chevalier to Speak May 14487Spring 2013 
Library and Museum Cooperate on Digital Resources 487Spring 2013 
Archiving Oberlin's Website487Spring 2013 
Diana Tebo is New Digital Projects Intern488Spring 2013 
African American Education Plaque Rededicated489Spring 2013 
The Oberlin Review Online491Fall 2013 
David Ferreiro to Speak at Friends Dinner491Fall 2013 
New Mellon Grant to Foster Digital Scholarship Practices491Fall 2013 
Open Access Publishing Support491Fall 2013 
Recent Gifts492Fall 2013 
Fall 2013 Programs492Fall 2013 
Friends Update492Fall 2013 
Romulus Linney '53: In Celebration493Fall 2013 
Kovners Donate Pennyroyal Caxton Bible493Fall 2013 
Barry Moser to Lecture on Pennyroyal Caxton Bible493Fall 2013 
African Artwork Donated in Honor of Eduardo Mondlane '53494Fall 2013 
Students Form Letterpress Co-op494Fall 2013 
Robert Edsel to Deliver Jantz Lecture495Fall 2013 
Therapy Dogs Bring Respite from Study495Fall 2013 
Morrison Society Office Dedicated495Fall 2013 
New Digital Resources495Fall 2013 
Thornton Wilder and "A Resplendent Virgil"496Fall 2013 
Friends Scholarship Winner497Fall 2013 
Oberlin Shares Moves to New Platform498Fall 2013 
Phyllis Boulton Joins Library Staff499Fall 2013 
Oberlin Honors Theses Online499Fall 2013 
RefWorks Flow Document and Citation Management501Spring 2014 
Milton J. and Mona C. Hinton Papers501Spring 2014 
Library Acquires Martial Manuscript501Spring 2014 
Recent Gifts502Spring 2014 
Spring 2014 Programs502Spring 2014 
Friends Council Highlights502Spring 2014 
Friends Council 2013-2014502Spring 2014 
The Fiftieth Library Perspectives502Spring 2014 
New Friends Honorary and Life Members503Spring 2014 
History of the Carnegies Library: A Digital Exhibition504Spring 2014 
Friends Research Awards504Spring 2014 
Friends of the Library Purchases504Spring 2014 
Two Gifts Showcase the Art of Book Illustration505Spring 2014 
Library Continues Open Access Activism with Knowledge Unlatched505Spring 2014 
New Digital Resources505Spring 2014 
Papermaking: A New Winter Term Experience506Spring 2014 
Letterpress Printing for a Good Cause507Spring 2014 
New Special Collections Social Hour507Spring 2014 
50,000 Strong!508Spring 2014 
Maureen Sutliff Joins Conservatory Library Staff509Spring 2014 
Tracy Chevalier to Donate Papers to Oberlin511Fall 2014 
Ray English to Speak at Friends Dinner511Fall 2014 
Anti-Slavery Collection Openly Accessible511Fall 2014 
Recent Gifts512Fall 2014 
Friends Update512Fall 2014 
Fall 2014 Programs512Fall 2014 
Oberlin Digital Scholarship Project Underway513Fall 2014 
Library Book Sale November 7-8513Fall 2014 
Gary Giddins to Deliver Jantz Lecture513Fall 2014 
Oberlin and the Abolitionism Lecture513Fall 2014 
Library Haiku Contest514Fall 2014 
Graduate Library School Scholarship Winners514Fall 2014 
Alumna Librarian Honored515Fall 2014 
Bibliophiles Visit Oberlin515Fall 2014 
New Membership Status in Center for Research Libraries515Fall 2014 
von Glahn Calligraphy Gift516Fall 2014 
Library Aquires Death Row Poet's Papers516Fall 2014 
Library Strategic Planning517Fall 2014 
E-Book Update: Pros and Cons517Fall 2014 
New Digital Resources518Fall 2014 
Alab Boyd to Serve as Interim Director521Spring 2015 
Stanley King Donates Jazz Collection521Spring 2015 
Endowed Fund Honors Ray English521Spring 2015 
Recent Gifts522Spring 2015 
Spring 2015 Programs522Spring 2015 
Friends Council Highlights522Spring 2015 
Friends Council 2014-2015523Spring 2015 
New Friends Life Members523Spring 2015 
Friends Research Awards523Spring 2015 
Davidson to Lecture on Argentinian Artist524Spring 2015 
Edison Sound in a Suitcase524Spring 2015 
Friends of the Library Purchases524Spring 2015 
Winter Term and Intern Projects in the Library525Spring 2015 
Abromeit Publishes Spirituals Reference525Spring 2015 
New Digital Resources525Spring 2015 
Interview with Retiring Director Ray English526Spring 2015 
A Celebration of Oberlin Scholarship528Spring 2015 
New Center for Emeriti Faculty528Spring 2015 
Benzing and Lorandeau Retire528Spring 2015 
Michael Roy and James Michalko to Discuss Library Futures529Spring 2015 
Justin Long Joins Staff5210Spring 2015 
Conservatory Library Collaborates with Internet Archive531Fall 2015 
Robert Darnton to Speak at Friends Dinner531Fall 2015 
Library Pilots First Year Library Advisor Program531Fall 2015 
Recent Gifts532Fall 2015 
Fall 2015 Programs532Fall 2015 
Friends Update532Fall 2015 
Architecture of Oberlin College: a Virtual Exhibit533Fall 2015 
Graduate Library School Scholarship Winners533Fall 2015 
Jazz Exhibit Features D.S. Martin533Fall 2015 
Library Donates Books to High School Library in South Africa534Fall 2015 
Sun Deck Refurbished534Fall 2015 
Campana Named Editor of Notes535Fall 2015 
Westwood Cemetery Database Upgraded535Fall 2015 
Ray English Retirement Recap535Fall 2015 
New Library Staff536Fall 2015 
New Artwork in Mudd536Fall 2015 
Pre-Cinematic Collection Enriches Visual Studies537Fall 2015 
New Digital Resources538Fall 2015 
Oberlin Joins Lever Press as Charter Member541Spring 2016 
Mary Church Terrell Papers541Spring 2016 
Table Top Scribe Brings More Library Content to the Internet Archive541Spring 2016 
Recent Gifts542Spring 2016 
Spring 2016 Friends Programs542Spring 2016 
Friends Council Highlights542Spring 2016 
Friends Council 2015-2016543Spring 2016 
New Friends Honorary and Life Members543Spring 2016 
Friends Research Awards543Spring 2016 
Ruth Hughes and Herb Henke in Memoriam543Spring 2016 
Follow us on Tumblr544Spring 2016 
Lego Library544Spring 2016 
Kwame Anthony Appiah to Deliver Jantz Lecture544Spring 2016 
Library Expands Support of Digital Scholarship544Spring 2016 
Conservatory Library Public Spaces Renovated545Spring 2016 
Library Staff Publications and Presentations545Spring 2016 
Martial Manuscripts Sees the Light545Spring 2016 
Developing in Streaming Media548Spring 2016 
Friends of the Library Purchases548Spring 2016 
New Digital Resources549Spring 2016


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June 16, 2016