QTND 1: A-Level Exit

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Can the exit on A Level be opened — it seems like such a waste to have it (with a scanning system and all!) and not use it — I'd like to be able to go to A level without strolling through the library proper. . .

For the most part we don't use the A-Level exit because, unlike the one on the main level, we don't have circulation staff nearby. When the alarm is set off at an exit we have to respond to the situation and make sure that items are checked out before they leave the building. It's not practical for us to ask the Reserve Room staff to do that in addition to their other duties.

So why is it there?

Or can you post someone at the "desk" next to it?

Why is the A-Level exit there? It was part of the original building design. Keep in mind that those plans date from the early 1970s, a time when there was much less concern for issues relating to wheelchair access.

Could we post a monitor at the exit? In theory we could, if we had sufficient budget resources, but this is not a high prioirity for us.

—RAE 1/30/92

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September 20, 2012