QTND 16: The Times

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You should try to get extra copies of the NY Times. I don't think I've ever come here & not seen someone reading it. Maybe you could set a time limit or have a sign-up sheet or something if you can't get more copies, but I think something should be done. Thanks.

We spend a lot of money on copies of the New York Times. We get the same-day Midwest edition, we also subscribe (because it has lots of things that the Midwest edition doesn't have) to the fuller final city edition which comes by mail, and later on we recieve the Times on microfilm. Because of what we're already shelling out for those subscriptions, we are reluctant to pay for additional copies. We did have a suggestion some time ago to display our single copy laid out on a wall or large display board, allowing many people to read parts of it at the same time. Unfortunately, we haven't yet found a practical way to do that. I know that probably doesn't make you feel better, especially when you can't get a place at the stand and read. For now, we think we're doing the best we can.

—RAE 11/18/92

You didn't really answer my question about the NY Times problem. I understand that you're paying a lot, but what about my idea of a time limit and/or sign-up sheet like you have for LEXIS/NEXIS? When there are people who read for upward of 45 minutes or an hour, it makes it really hard to get even 2 quick glances w/o paying $.75 at Wilder. Maybe you should suggest that people who really want to read the paper in-depth should get a subscription. Regardless, though, I think time limits are reasonable. Thanks.

Oops. In my rush I did overlook responding to the second part of your question. It sounds to me like a good idea to put up a sign on the stand, one that would go something like: "Please limit your reading of the Times to ten minutes when others are waiting." We'll get a sign to that effect out there soon.

—RAE 11/22/92

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