QTND 18: Ben Lewis Display

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RAE — near the scholar studies on the 4th floor are 2 big glass frames w/lots of pictures of people. Who are they?

— curious senior

We probably should have a sign that gives a better explanation of what those are. If you look carefully, you'll see that the scholar study bridge has a plaque honoring Ben W. Lewis, former professor of economics. All of those people pictured in the frames — and it's an impressive lot — were students of Lewis. He's pictured in the center photo of the display on the right (south) side. The pictures and captions were taken some years ago, and many of those people have since gone on to even more distinguished careers. Ann Krueger (Henderson), for example, is now on the O.C. Board of Trustees.

—RAE 9/17/92

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October 06, 2012