QTND 2: Clocks

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The first- and second-floor clocks all "click" each minute so loud it sounds like a door closing (particularly the one on the second floor over the sofas). It's very distracting why are they in a library?

Some people find the clocks irritating. But I'm just glad that they're here and that they work. Years ago we had impossible problems with all the clocks in the building. They malfunctioned constantly and despite trying everything, it was impossible for the B&G folks to repair them. That lead to a major project to replace every clock in the building. While we do have occasional problems with them now, I thank my lucky stars that they actually work. If the sound of the mechanisms bothers you, I suggest you find a place to work that's not in the immediate vicinity of one of those tickers. Oh, yeah, why are they here? The clocks were part of the original building design. Besides that, most people seem to like having them available for the obvious reason that it enables them to know the time.

—RAE 2/3/92

Yes, folks, there once was a time when the clocks in Mudd functioned, though that's obviously no longer the case. We're hoping B&G will soon be able to do a project to put all the clocks in working order. In the interim we're posting signs on the malfunctioning clocks so that people won't be misled about the time.

--RAE 10/11/96

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