QTND 25: Smoking in Mudd

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Given that we are supposedly not even permitted to smoke on the library ramp, is there any possibility of getting a smoking lounge in here? Long nights studying are really rough, especially in terrible weather, when we can't stand outside!


I agree... We smokers are people too and do feel the cold. There are plenty of rooms in this library...

What are y'all talking about? The whole reason we can't smoke on the ramp is because we can't smoke anywhere! Especially not inside. (But yes, it makes me very sad too.)

The campus smoking policy, as passed by the General Faculty, is reproduced below. As you can see, it's very explicit in prohibiting smoking in campus buildings, including the library. That's the reason we had to eliminate the smoking lounge on the A-Level.

—RAE 3/1/95

Smoking Policy
Effective January 1, 1994, Oberlin College's policy is to limit smoking by its faculty, staff, students, and visitors to outdoor areas on campus that are away from building entrances and exits. Smoking is banned at all times in all campus buildings including libraries, offices, residence halls*, dining rooms, laboratories, classrooms, lounges, et cetera. Smoking in College-owned vehicles is also banned.

* "...the General Faculty Council recommends to the General Faculty that implementation of the smoking policy passed at the October General Faculty meeting be delayed, insofar as it pertains to the residence halls, until August 27, 1994 [pending] further study [of] the matter."

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