QTND 28: Binding Journal Issues

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— Why are all the 1994 journals shipped off to the binders just when the most people need to use them?

We try to send a lot of journals issues to our commercial binder during the summer so that they won't be out of the building when they're needed. But in order to have all of our subscriptions bound we do have to ship many out to them at regular intervals throughout the year. Our contract with the binder stipulates a two-week turn around time for each shipment, so that does limit the amount of time that issues will be out of the building. Circulation staff can tell you when a particular issue will come back. If it will be too long before an issue returns, ask at the reference desk about having the article you need faxed through ILL. We can get things very quickly that way. There's no charge in the case of journal articles that are at the bindery.

—RAE 5/1/95

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October 06, 2012