QTND 32: Noise Policy

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Hey Rae,

this is a library, right? Like the ones I grew up in, where the librarians bit one's head off if one dared to whisper? 'Cuz recently its been awfully hard to think, much less work/write. what with all the talking, laughing, and loud personal-music-appliance playing in certain parts of the library. I know this is Oberlin & all, but could we have a visible noise policy, preferably w/sections on complaints, punishments, and oh yes, enforcements? I know it's distasteful but it's true, not all Obies are empathetic as we'd like them to be. I know od some colleges that ban repeat offenders for the duration of the semester. How about that? Please please please, 'cuz right now my anger is making me hopelessly sardonic.

Royally Pissed Off

Dear RPO,
We have had a noise policy for many years. It basically says that people should expect a certain amount of noise on the Main Level — where we have computer terminals, printers, reference service, and circulation activity all going on continuously. The upper levels however, are quiet areas, intended for study and reflection. We have to rely on students and other users of the building to make the policy work. That best happens by talking directly — in a polite and respectful way — to anyone who breaks the policy. In the event someone doesn't respond, you should report the problem to our Circulation Desk.

—RAE 10/17/96

Many thanks to all of you who offered suggestions about how we might hangle the questions of laptops. We think the discussion has helped us find a good solution.

Beginning with the spring semester we're designating the southeast section on each of the upper levels for laptop use. We're planning to get network lines and additional power connections installed in the future. Power is already available near the carrels along the walls. So, if you want to use a laptop regularly at a carrel, please sign up for one that's in the southeast are of level 2, 3, or 4. If you'd like to use a laptop on a more occasional basis (and don't have a carrel), then please use one of the tables in those areas. (That's basically the area east of the green elevator on each floor.)

—RAE 12/30/96

Non-networked, wireless-networked, and hardwired, networked laptops should all be used in the southeast section of Levels 2,3,4 in Mudd. Other areas on those floors should be fully quiet.

—RAE 1/2/2001

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