QTND 35: Phones

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Dear RAE,

This may not be a library-specific concern, but I am pretty sure that there are no phones on campus from which I can simply use my official AT&T ACUS phone PIN to make long-distance phone calls--except for the phones in residence halls. Why on earth isn't there a phone like the one in my room in every single building on campus, so I don't have to go all the way back to my dorm in the middle of the day just to call Mother?


There are three public phones in the library that allow you to use your ACUS number to make long distance calls. They are the phones by the red elevator on the second and third floors and the phone on the fourth floor scholar study bridge (by the yellow elevator). Phones by the green elevator on the second, third, and fourth levels and those on the north side of the building on levels two and three are restricted to in-library and security calls only. We set them that way because those phones are located adjacent to study areas and people were making lengthy calls (either on-campus or long distance) that disturbed other patrons.

The two campus phones on A-Level allow campus and local calls, but not long-distance. There's also a sign there indicating what phones have ACUS access.

I don't know what other offices on campus have decided on this issue. I will relay your concern to Gary Koepp, who has overall responsibility for phones on campus.

--RAE 5/8/01

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