QTND 5: Coffee

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Hey — Hows about a coffee vending machine? I think a lot of us are in dire need. (It would be nice.) PLEASE!

We no longer have a coffee vending machine in the building because of our past experience on that front. We had repeated problems with the coffee being brought into the main part of the building. Carpet stains were a particular problem. I don't think this is a serious inconvience, since Wilder is quite close by. Enjoy a brief break.

—RAE 2/25/92

Dear RAE,

I was wondering if A-Level would ever be the home of a coffee machine (kind of like the one in the Con. lounge). We late night studiers would really appreciate the addition.


Joe Late Night Studier. And the stain argument does not work, there is cranberry juice in the vending machine!

Regarding the stain, issue, that was clearly a problem when we had the coffee machine in the building before. While you're right to point out that cranberry juice might cause a similar stain problem for us, that in my mind in not a reason for allowing a coffee machine in the building. It's instead a reason for thinking about modifying our policy regarding the drinks machines. We're experiencing increasing problems with people taking both food and drinks into the main part of the building. Coffee was a particular problem in that regard in the past — I suspect because people tend to sip it for extended periods and therefore have a hard time resisting the temptation to take it to their study space in the building. Given current trends coupled with the risks to the collections that we face if the library is infested with insects, it seems obvious to me that we have to have better cooperation with our current food and drink policy — or we'll have no other choice than to remove vending machines from the building entirely.

—RAE 3/24/94

Last year we instituted a new enforcement policy on food in the building. Since that brought about better compliance, we decided to try a coffee machine on the A-Level. We'll remove it if there too much of a problem with coffee stains on the carpets.

—RAE 10/11/96

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