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Poster Policy

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Approved Locations in the Main Library:

  • on bulletin boards in the main stairwell. Boards are designated for Campus Events, Rides/Rentals/For Sale, Anything Goes
  • on the bulletin board in Azariah's Café, near the main entrance, above the trash and recycling center
  • on the bulletin board in the Academic Commons, facing the restrooms and water fountain behind the printers


  • posters should not be larger than 14" x 22"
  • posters for events shoul indicate the date
  • no self-adhesive stickers or labels-violators may be referred to judicial proceedings
  • emergency notes may be posted on the glass doors of the main entrance using masking tape (available at the Circulation desk)

The Fine Print:

  • the Library reserves the right to post temporary or permanent signs in any location
  • posters, flyers, etc. posted in unapproved locations will be removed promptly
  • posters, flyers, etc. that do not adhere to the guidelines will be removed
  • dated posters will be removed in a timely fashion to make room for new posters
Last updated:
August 11, 2017