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Where are the new books?

Books are listed in call number order, in the following subjects:

Agriculture  - S Climatology - QC Pharmacology - QP
Anatomy  -  QM Ecology  -  QH Physics  -  QC
Astronomy  -  QB Geology  -  QE Physiology   -  QP
Biochemistry  - QD Immunology - QR Science (general, history, philosophy) - Q
Biology  -  QH Medicine  -  RA Technology  -  T
Botany  -  QK Microbiology  -  QR Virology - QR
Chemistry  -  QD Neuroscience   -  RC Zoology   -  QL

Q - Science (General, History, Philosophy) & QA - Mathematics & Computer Science

Freedom's laboratory : the Cold War struggle for the soul of science / Audra J. Wolfe. 
Q127.U6 W654 2018. 

The ascent of John Tyndall : Victorian scientist, mountaineer, and public intellectual / Roland Jackson. 
Q143.T96 J33 2018. 

Third thoughts / Steven Weinberg. 
Q171 .W418 2018. 

Brief answers to the big questions / Stephen Hawking. 
Q173 .H388 2018. 

The scientific sublime : popular science unravels the mysteries of the universe / Alan G. Gross. 
Q175.5 .G7568 2018. 

Writing successful science proposals / Andrew J. Friedland, Carol L. Folt, Jennifer L. Mercer. 
Q180.55.P7 F75 2018.

QB - Astronomy, Cosmology

A student's guide to the mathematics of astronomy / Daniel Fleisch, Julia Kregenow.  
QB51.3.M38 F54 2013. 

Five photons : remarkable journeys of light across space and time / James Geach.
QB461 .G38 2018. 

Einstein's monsters : the life and times of black holes / Chris Impey. 
QB843.B55 I47 2019. 

QC - Physics, Climatology

Finding Einstein's brain / Frederick E. Lepore. 
QC16.E5 L378 2018. 

The physics of solar cells : perovskites, organics, and photovoltaic fundamentals / Juan Bisquert. 
QC715.4 .B57 2018. 

The spinning magnet : the electromagnetic force that created the modern world--and could destroy it / Alanna Mitchell. 
QC760 .M5425 2018. 

The universe as it really is : Earth, space, matter, and time / Thomas R. Scott ; with the assistance of James Lawrence Powell. 
QC806 .S375 2018. 

Philosophy and climate science / Eric Winsberg. 
QC903 .W587 2018. 

Changes in the air : hurricanes in New Orleans from 1718 to the present / Eleonora Rohland. 
QC945 .R643 2019. 

Climate change and social inequality : the health and social costs of global warming / Merrill Singer. 
QC981.8.G56 S54997 2019. 

QD - Chemistry, Biochemistry

African American women chemists in the modern era / Jeannette E. Brown. 
QD21 .B6925 2018. 

X-ray fluorescence : technology, performance and applications / Rebeca Fonseca, editor. 
QD96.X2 X23 2018. 

QE - Geology, Paleontology

When humans nearly vanished : the catastrophic explosion of the Toba volcano / Donald R. Prothero. 
QE522 .P76 2018. 

Cruisin' the fossil coastline : the travels of an artist and a scientist along the shores of the prehistoric Pacific / [text] Kirk Johnson (The Scientist) ; [illustrations] Ray Troll (The Artist). 
QE714.5 .J634 2018 (on reserve for GEO 204 Evolution of the Earth) 

QH - Biology, Ecology, Genetics

Charles Darwin's debt to the romantics : how Alexander von Humboldt, Goethe and Wordsworth helped shape Darwin's view of nature / Charles Morris Lansley. 
QH31.D2 L36 2018. 
The art of naming / Michael Ohl ; translated by Elisabeth Lauffer. 
QH83 .O3513 2018. 

The outer lands : a natural history guide to Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard, Nantucket, Block Island, and Long Island / Dorothy Sterling ; illustrated by 
Winifred Lubell ; with a new foreword by Robert Finch. 
QH105.M4 S73 2018. 

Biodiversity and evolution / edited by Philippe Grandcolas, Marie-Christine Maurel. 
QH325 .B47 2018. 

Charles Darwin's On the origin of species : a graphic adaptation / story by Michael Keller ; art by Nicolle Rager Fuller. 
QH367 .K466 2009. (on reserve for GEO 204 Evolution of the Earth)

Blueprint : how DNA makes us who we are / Robert Plomin. 
QH438.7 .P64 2018. 

Gene machine : the race to decipher the secrets of the ribosome / Venki Ramakrishnan. 
QH442 .R26 2018. 

A theory of global biodiversity / Boris Worm and Derek P. Tittensor. 
QH541.15.B56 W67 2018. 

The marsh builders : the fight for clean water, wetlands, and wildlife / Sharon Levy. 
QH541.5.M3 L44 2018. 

Fire ecology of Florida and the southeastern coastal plain / Reed F. Noss. 
QH545.F5 N67 2018. 

Adaptation and natural selection : a critique of some current evolutionary thought / George C. Willams ; with a new foreword by Richard Dawkins. 
QH546 .W55 2019.

QK - Botany

Around the world in 80 trees / Jonathan Drori ; illustrations by Lucille Clerc. 
QK46.5.H85 D76 2018. 

QL - Zoology

Animal subjects : literature, zoology, and British modernism / Caroline Hovanec. 
QL255 .H68 2018. 

Lessons from the lobster : Eve Marder's work in neuroscience / Charlotte Nassim.
QL444.M33 N37 2018. 

Amazing arachnids / Jillian Cowles. 
QL453.1.U6 C69 2018. 

Buzz : the nature and necessity of bees / Thor Hanson. 
QL565 .H36 2018. 

The honey factory : inside the ingenious world of bees / Jürgen Tautz & Diedrich Steen ; English translation by Dr. David C. Sandeman. 
QL568.A6 T3713 2018. 

Beetles : the natural history and diversity of Coleoptera / Stephen A. Marshall.
QL573 .M37 2018. 

Bird migration / Thomas Alerstam ; translated by David A. Christie ; illustrations by Astrid Ulfstrand. 
QL698.9 .A4413 1990. 

I, mammal : the story of what makes us mammals / Liam Drew. 
QL703 .D74 2017. 

Sea otters : a history / Richard Ravalli. 
QL737.C25 R395 2018. 

Eager : the surprising, secret life of beavers and why they matter / Ben Goldfarb ; foreword by Dan Flores. 
QL737.R632 G64 2018. 

Animal personality : the science behind individual variation / Jill R.D. MacKay.
QL751 .M215 2018. 

Skeletons : the frame of life / Jan Zalasiewicz and Mark Williams. 
QL821 .Z35 2018.

QM-QR - Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacology, Microbiology, Virology  

Nine pints : a journey through the money, medicine, and mysteries of blood / Rose George. 
QP91 .G37 2018. 

Dynamics of the vascular system : interaction with the heart / by John K-J Li. 
QP105 .L53 2019. 

Understanding the brain : from cells to behavior to cognition / John E. Dowling.
QP376 .D698 2018. 

Innate : how the wiring of our brains shapes who we are / Kevin J. Mitchell. 
QP398 .M58 2018. 

The auditory system in sleep / Ricardo A. Velluti. 
QP461 .V45 2018. 

The story of the Pasteur Institute and its contributions to global health / by Marie-Hélène Marchand. 
QR64.F82 I56613 2018. 

Did you just eat that? : two scientists explore double-dipping, the five-second rule, and other food myths in the lab / Paul Dawson and Brian Sheldon. 
QR115 .D28 2019. 

Strange survivors : how organisms attack and defend in the game of life / Oné R. Pagán. 
QR177 .P34 2018.

R - Medicine, Neuroscience

International review of neurobiology. 
RC341.I5. vols.142-143. 

S - Agriculture, Soil Science

Managing the wild : stories of people and plants and tropical forests / Charles M. Peters. 
SD247 .P48 2018. 

Fishing lessons : artisanal fisheries and the future of our oceans / Kevin M. Bailey. 
SH329.S53 B35 2018. 

Chesapeake requiem : a year with the watermen of vanishing Tangier Island / EarlSwift. 
SH400.5.C7 S95 2018.

T - Technology, Chemical & Environmental Engineering

Grassroots to global : broader impacts of civic ecology / edited by Marianne E. Krasny ; foreword by Keith G. Tidball. 
TD171.7 .G725 2018. 

Water rites : reimagining water in the west / edited by Jim Ellis. 
TD227.A4 W3748 2018. 

Reduce, reuse, reimagine : sorting out the recycling system / Beth Porter. 
TD794.5 .P6745 2018. 

Carbon capture / Howard J. Herzog. 
TD885.5.C3 H47 2018. 

The five-ton life : carbon, America, and the culture that may save us / Susan Subak. 
TD885.5.C3 S83 2018. 

Seeds of science : how we got it so wrong on GMOs / Mark Lynas. 
TP248.65.F66 L96 2018.

Where are the new books?  The new book area is on the right as you enter the Science Library. Books are displayed on the glass shelves facing outward (toward the science center corridor) and in call number order on the wood shelves below.  All regular circulating books on the new book shelf are available for immediate checkout. Please search OBIS for stacks location and availability if the books are no longer on the new book shelf.

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