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New Books received April 13-23, 2015

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Where are the new books?

Books are listed in call number order, in the following subjects:

Agriculture  - S Climatology - QC Pharmacology - QV
Anatomy  -  QM Ecology  -  QH Physics  -  QC
Astronomy  -  QB Geology  -  QE Physiology   -  QP
Biochemistry  - QD Immunology - QR Science (general, history, philosophy) - Q
Biology  -  QH Medicine  -  RA Technology  -  T
Botany  -  QK Microbiology  -  QR Virology - QR
Chemistry  -  QD Neuroscience   -  RC Zoology   -  QL

The David Suzuki reader : a lifetime of ideas from a leading activist and thinker / David Suzuki ; foreword by Bill McKibben.
GF50 .S89 2014.

Q - Science (General, History, Philosophy) & QA - Mathematics & Computer Science

The structure of scientific revolutions, 50th anniversary edition / Thomas S. Kuhn ; with an introductory essay by Ian Hacking.
Q175 .K95 2012.

Learned patriots : debating science, state, and society in the nineteenth-century Ottoman Empire / M. Alper Yalcinkaya.
Q175.52.T9 Y35 2015.

QB - Astronomy, Cosmology

QC - Physics, Climatology

The beauty of physics : patterns, principles, and perspectives / A.R.P. Rau.
QC21.3 .R38 2014.

The quantum age : how the physics of the very small has transformed our lives / Brian Clegg.
QC174.123 .C54 2014.

Climate insurgency : a strategy for survival / Jeremy Brecher.
QC903 .B74 2015.

Sea of storms : a history of hurricanes in the greater Caribbean from Columbus to Katrina / Stuart B. Schwartz.
QC945 .S4728 2015.

Field notes from a catastrophe : man, nature, and climate change / Elizabeth Kolbert.
QC981.8.G56 K655 2015.

QD - Chemistry, Biochemistry

Organic reactions, vol. 86.

Advances in protein chemistry and structural biology. vol.98.

QE - Geology, Paleontology

Geodynamics of a cordilleran orogenic system : the central Andes of Argentina and northern Chile / Peter G. DeCelles, Mihai N. Ducea, Barbara Carrapa, Paul A. Knapp.
QE1 G4 no. 212.

Large igneous provinces / Richard E. Ernst.
QE461 .E76 2014.

In the path of destruction : eyewitness chronicles of Mount St. Helens / Richard Waitt.
QE523.S23 W35 2014.

QH - Biology, Ecology, Genetics

A field guide to economics for conservationists / Brendan Fisher, Robin Naidoo, Taylor Ricketts.
QH75 .F55 2014.

Eternal ephemera : adaptation and the origin of species, from the nineteenth century through punctuated equilibria and beyond / Niles Eldredge.
QH398 .E43 2015.

Integrative organismal biology / Lynn B Martin, Cameron K Ghalambor, H. Arthur Woods.
QH438.5 .M37 2014.

The genealogy of a gene : patents, HIV/AIDS, and race / Myles W. Jackson.
QH447 .J33 2015.

Genomic control process : development and evolution / Isabelle S. Peter and Eric H. Davidson.
QH450 .P478 2015.

Lucky planet : why Earth is exceptional-- and what that means for life in the universe / David Waltham.
QH543 .W35 2014.

QK - Botany

Advances in botanical research. vol.73.

Fathers of botany : the discovery of Chinese plants by European missionaries / Jane Kilpatrick.
QK26 .K55 2014.

Flora of North America : north of Mexico, vol. 9. / edited by Flora of North America Editorial Committee.
QK110.F55 1993.

Forest ecosystems / David A. Perry, Ram Oren, Stephen C. Hart.
QK938.F6 P46 2008.

QL - Zoology

The choanoflagellates : evolution, biology and ecology / Barry S.C. Leadbeater.
QL368.C5 L43 2015.

Avian urban ecology : behavioural and physiological adaptations / edited by Diego Gil and Henrik Brumm.
QL698.95 .A85 2014.

Mammals of South America / edited by Alfred L. Gardner.
QL725.A1 M36 2007. vol. 2.

Badger (Reaktion Animal series) / Daniel Heath Justice.
QL737.C25 J875 2015.

Mouse (Reaktion Animal series) / Georgie Carroll.
QL737.R666 C367 2015.

Current topics in developmental biology. vol.112.

QM - QP Anatomy - Physiology

Santiago Ramón y Cajal : epistolario / [editor] Juan Antonio Fernández Santarén.
QM16.R3 R352 2014.

Tales from both sides of the brain : a life in neuroscience / Michael S. Gazzaniga.
QP353.4.G39 A3 2015.

Brain computation as hierarchical abstraction / Dana H. Ballard.
QP357.5 .B35 2015.

Glia : a subject collection from Cold Spring Harbor perspectives in biology / edited by Ben A. Barres, Marc R. Freeman, Beth Stevens.
QP363.2 .G573 2015.

The brain's way of healing : remarkable discoveries and recoveries from the frontiers of neuroplasticity / Norman Doidge.
QP363.3 .D66 2015.

The least likely man : Marshall Nirenberg and the discovery of the genetic code / Franklin H. Portugal.
QP511.8.N57 P67 2015.

Progress in molecular biology and translational science. vol.131.

The Enzymes, vol. 35. Edited by Paul D. Boyer.

Vitamins and hormones. vol.98.

QR - QW Microbiology, Virology, Pharmacology

R - Medicine, Neuroscience

S - Agriculture, Soil Science

Lentil underground : renegade farmers and the future of food in America / Liz Carlisle.
S589.7 .C37 2015.

The papers of Frederick Law Olmsted, vol. 9. / Charles Capen McLaughlin, editor, Charles E. Beveridge, associate editor.
SB470.O5 A2 1977.

Readings in wood : what the forest taught me / John Leland.
SD395 .L45 2015.

T - Technology, Chemical & Environmental Engineering

The world we create : a message of hope for a planet in peril / Frances Beinecke with Bob Deans.
TD170 .B44 2014.

The Yellow River : the problem of water in modern China / David A. Pietz.
TD424.4.C6 P54 2015.

Solar photovoltaic cells : photons to electricity / Alexander P. Kirk.
TK2960 .K575 2015.

Advances in imaging and electron physics. vol.186, 2014 and vol. 187, 2015.

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