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Books are listed in call number order, in the following subjects:

Agriculture  - S Climatology - QC Pharmacology - QV
Anatomy  -  QM Ecology  -  QH Physics  -  QC
Astronomy  -  QB Geology  -  QE Physiology   -  QP
Biochemistry  - QD Immunology - QR Science (general, history, philosophy) - Q
Biology  -  QH Medicine  -  RA Technology  -  T
Botany  -  QK Microbiology  -  QR Virology - QR
Chemistry  -  QD Neuroscience   -  RC Zoology   -  QL

Essentials of sensation and perception / George Mather.
BF233 .M276 2011.

Sensation, perception and action : an evolutionary perspective / Johannes M. Zanker.
BF233 .Z36 2010.

Desert / Roslynn D. Haynes.
GB611 .H348 2013.

Flood / John Withington.
GB1399 .W58 2013.

Flotsametrics and the floating world : how one man's obsession with runaway sneakers and rubber ducks revolutionized ocean science / Curtis Ebbesmeyer and Eric Scigliano.
GC231.2 .E23 2009.

Q - Science (General, History, Philosophy) & QA - Mathematics & Computer Science

Voyaging in strange seas : the great revolution in science / David Knight.
Q125 .K578 2014.

Humboldt and Jefferson : a transatlantic friendship of the enlightenment / Sandra Rebok.
Q143.H9 R3625 2014.

Newton and the counterfeiter : the unknown detective career of the world's greatest scientist / Thomas Levenson.
Q143.N495 L48 2009.

Hollywood chemistry / edited by Donna J. Nelson, Kevin R. Grazier, Jaime Paglia and Sidney Perkowitz.
Q172.5.P65 H65 2013.

The way of science : finding truth and meaning in a scientific worldview / Dennis R. Trumble.
Q175 .T7578 2013.

QB - Astronomy, Cosmology

Our beautiful moon and its mysterious magnetism : a long voyage of discovery / Mike Fuller.
QB591 .F85 2014.

QC - Physics, Climatology

The Cambridge companion to Einstein / edited by Michel Janssen, Christoph Lehner.
QC16.E5 C36 2014.

James Clerk Maxwell : perspectives on his life and work / edited by Raymond Flood, Mark McCartney and Andrew Whitaker.
QC16.M4 J36 2014.

The infinite history of NOW : a timeless background for contemporary physics / Davide Fiscaletti and Amrit Srecko Sorli.
QC173.59.S65 F57 2014.

Nanoscience. Volume 2, Nanostructures through chemistry : a review of recent literature / editors: P.J. Thomas, Paul O'Brien.
QC176.8.N35 N35586 2014.

Thermodynamics / Patrick Jacobs.
QC311 .J25 2013.

Serving the Reich : the struggle for the soul of physics under Hitler / Philip Ball.
QC773.3.G3 B35 2013.

Climate changed : a personal journey through the science / Philippe Squarzoni.
QC903 .S6813 2014.

Mathematics and climate / Hans Kaperand Hans Engler.
QC981 .K37 2013.

Tambora : the eruption that changed the world / Gillen D'Arcy Wood.
QC981.8.V65 W66 2014.

QD - Chemistry, Biochemistry

Standard methods for the examination of water and wastewater / American Public Health Association, American Water Works Association, Water Pollution Control Federation. 22nd ed. 2012.

Water at interfaces : a molecular approach / Jordi Fraxedas
.QD169.W3 F73 2014.

Oxygen : a four billion year history / Donald Eugene Canfield.
QD181.O1 C36 2014.

Organic reactions. vol. 84.

Advances in protein chemistry and structural biology. vol. 95.

Advances in chemical physics. vol. 154.

Basic physical chemistry : the route to understanding / E. Brian Smith.
QD453.3 .S65 2013.

Periodic tales : a cultural history of the elements, from arsenic to zinc / Hugh Aldersey-Williams.
QD467 .A457 2012.

Basic chemical thermodynamics / E. Brian Smith.
QD504 .S57 2014.

QE - Geology, Paleontology

Why hell stinks of sulfur : mythology and geology of the underworld / Salomon Kroonenberg ; translated by Andy Brown.
QE31 .K7713 2013.

The last billion years : a geologic history of Tennessee / Don W. Byerly.
QE165 .B94 2013.

Geology and mineral deposits of the Sudbury structure / by B.O. Dressler, W.V. Peredery, T.L. Muir.
QE191 .D73 1992.

Amber, the golden gem of the ages / Patty C. Rice.
QE391.A5 R52 1993.

Essentials of igneous and metamorphic petrology / B. Ronald Frost, Carol D. Frost.
QE461 .F767 2014.

Extending a continent : architecture, rheology and heat budget / edited by U. Ring and B. Wernicke.
QE511.44 .E98 2009.

Volcano / James Hamilton.
QE522 .H165 2012.

Earthquake / Andrew Robinson.
QE534.3 .R63 2012.

Written in stone : evolution, the fossil record, and our place in nature / Brian Switek.
QE721.2.E85 S85 2010.

The trilobite book : a visual journey / Riccardo Levi-Setti.
QE821 .L455 2014.

Dinosaurs and other reptiles from the Mesozoic of Mexico / edited by Hector E. Rivera-Sylva, Kenneth Carpenter, and Eberhard Frey.
QE861.9.M49 D56 2014.

QH - Biology, Ecology, Genetics

Wallace, Darwin, and the origin of species / James T. Costa.
QH31.W2 C64 2014.

Advances in marine biology. vol. 68 2014.

Governing marine protected areas : resilience through diversity / Peter J.S. Jones.
QH91.75 .J66 2014.

The case for grassroots collaboration : social capital and ecosystem restoration at the local level / John Charles Morris, William
Allen Gibson, William Marshall Leavitt, and Shana Campbell Jones.
QH104.5.C45 M67 2013.

Immunity and tolerance / Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Symposia on Qauntitative Biology, vol. 78
QH301 .C6 vol. 78

Statistical thermodynamics: with applications to the life sciences / Arieh Ben-Naim.
QH323.5 .B436 2014.

Temporal dynamics and ecological process / edited by Colleen K. Kelly, Michael G. Bowler, Gordon A. Fox.
QH352 .T38 2013.

Evolution : components and mechanisms / David Zeigler.
QH366.2 .Z45 2014.

Conceptual breakthroughs in evolutionary genetics : a brief history of shifting paradigms / John C. Avise.
QH390 .A957 2014.

Humanity enhanced : genetic choice and the challenge for liberal democracies / Russell Blackford.
QH442 .B53 2014.

The international review of cell and molecular biology. vol. 311.
[shelves under title, with bound journals]

Urbanization, biodiversity and ecosystem services : challenges and opportunities: a global assessment / Thomas Elmqvist, Michail Fragkias, Julie Goodness, Burak Guneralp, et al., editors.
QH541.5.C6 U75 2013.

QK - Botany

Advances in botanical research. vols. 71 and 72.

Polyphenols in plants : isolation, purification and extract preparation / edited by Ronald Ross Watson.
QK898.P764 P659 2014.

QL - Zoology

Babylon's ark : the incredible wartime rescue of the Baghdad Zoo / Lawrence Anthony with Graham Spence.
QL76.5.I722 B342 2008.

Asian perspectives on animal ethics : rethinking the nonhuman / edited by Neil Dalal and Chlou Taylor.
QL85 .A85 2014.

A New Zealand book of beasts : animals in our culture, history and everyday life / Annie Potts, Philip Armstrong, Deidre Brown.
QL85 .P688 2013.

Approaches to research on the systematics of fish-borne trematodes / Jitra Waikagul, Urusa Thaenkham.
QL391.P7 W35 2014.

Hedgehog / Hugh Warwick.
QL737.E753 W36 2014.

The predator paradox : ending the war with wolves, bears, cougars, and coyotes / John A. Shivik.
QL758 .S54 2014.

Wild connection : what animal courtship and mating tell us about human relationships / Jennifer . Verdolin.
QL761 .V466 2014.

Animal communication theory : information and influence / edited by Ulrich E. Stegmann.
QL776 .A537 2013

Current topics in developmental biology. vol. 109.

QM - QP Anatomy - Physiology

Life unfolding : how the human body creates itself / Jamie A. Davies.
QM603 .D39 2014.

Embryos under the microscope : the diverging meanings of life / Jane Maienschein.
QM603 .M35 2014.

Metabotropic glutamate receptors : molecular mechanisms, role in neurological disorders and pharmacological effects / M. Foster Olive, editor.
QP364.7 .M467 2014.

Umami : unlocking the secrets of the fifth taste / Ole G. Mouritsen and Klavs Styrbaek.
QP456 .M68 2014.

The mind : leading scientists explore the brain, memory, personality, and happiness / edited by John Brockman.
QP376 .M58275 2011.

The custom-made brain : cerebral plasticity, regeneration, and enhancement / Jean-Didier Vincent and Pierre-Marie Lledo; translated by Laurence Garey.
QP376 .V52713 2014.

After Darwin : animals, emotions, and the mind / edited by Angelique Richardson.
QP401 .A42 2013.

Progress in molecular biology and translational science. vol. 125.

Adrenaline / Brian B. Hoffman.
QP572.A27 H64 2013.

RNA structure and folding : biophysical techniques and prediction methods / edited by Dagmar Klostermeier, Christian Hammann.
QP623 .R585 2013.

QR - QW Microbiology, Virology, Pharmacology

The amoeba in the room : lives of the microbes / Nicholas P. Money.
QR100 .M647 2014.

R - Medicine, Neuroscience

Introduction to neuropsychopharmacology / Leslie L. Iversen ... [et al.].
RM315 .I589 2009.

S - Agriculture, Soil Science

Advances in agronomy. vol. 127.

Climate change and agriculture in India : studies from selected river basins / K. Palanisami, C.R. Ranganathan, Udaya SekharNagothu, Krishna Reddy Kakumanu.
S600.64.I4 P35 2014.

Living with whales : documents and oral histories of Native New England whaling history / edited by Nancy Shoemaker.
SH383.2 .L595 2014.

T - Technology, Chemical & Environmental Engineering

Make it a green peace! : the rise of countercultural environmentalism / Frank Zelko.
TD169 .Z45 2013.

Evolution of green China / compiled by Zhu Ling.
TD171.5.C6 L8313 2010.

Rich land, wasteland / Sharyn Munro.
TD195.C58 M86 2012.

Extracted : how the quest for mineral wealth is plundering the planet : a report to the Club of Rome / Ugo Bardi; foreword by Jorgen Randers.
TD195.M5 B368 2014.

Basic Electronics for Scientists and Engineers / Dennis L. Eggleston.
TK7816 .E35 2011

Geology of Carlsbad Cavern and other caves in the Guadalupe Mountains, New Mexico and Texas / by Carol A. Hill.
TN24.N6 A232 no. 117.

Field excursions to the Jemez Mountains, New Mexico / by Stephen Self, et al.
TN24.N6 A232 no. 134.

Drift exploration in glaciated terrain / edited by M.B. McClenaghan, et al.
TN270 .D66 2001.

Stones of contention : a history of Africa's diamonds / Todd Cleveland.

TN994 >A35 C54 2014.

Introduction to carbon capture and sequestration / Berend Smit, Jeffrey A. Reimer, Curtis M. Oldenburg.
TP156.S45 S62 2014.

Green carbon materials : advances and applications / edited by Thomas E. Rufford, Denisa Hulicova-Jurcakova, John Zhu.
TP245.C4 G74 2014.

The lost art of finding our way / John Edward Huth.
VK15 .H87 2013.

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