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Books are listed in call number order, in the following subjects:

Agriculture  - S Climatology - QC Pharmacology - QV
Anatomy  -  QM Ecology  -  QH Physics  -  QC
Astronomy  -  QB Geology  -  QE Physiology   -  QP
Biochemistry  - QD Immunology - QR Science (general, history, philosophy) - Q
Biology  -  QH Medicine  -  RA Technology  -  T
Botany  -  QK Microbiology  -  QR Virology - QR
Chemistry  -  QD Neuroscience   -  RC Zoology   -  QL


Q - Science (General, History, Philosophy) & QA - Mathematics & Computer Science

Scientists at war : the ethics of Cold War weapons research / Sarah Bridger.
Q125 .B728 2015.

Historical dictionary of science and technology in modern China / Lawrence R. Sullivan and Nancy Y. Liu.
Q127.C5 S854 2014.

Headstrong : 52 women who changed science--and the world / Rachel Swaby.
Q130 .S93 2015.

The new celebrity scientists : out of the lab and into the limelight / Declan Fahy.
Q141 .F24 2015.

This idea must die : scientific theories that are blocking progress / edited by John Brockman.
Q173 .T54 2015.

It started with Copernicus : vital questions about science / Keith Parsons.
Q174.8 .P37 2014.

Galileo's middle finger : heretics, activists, and the search for justice in
science / Alice Dreger.
Q175.35 .D74 2015.

QB - Astronomy, Cosmology

Galileo's reading / Crystal Hall.
QB36.G2 H35 2013.

Galileo's telescope : a European story / Massimo Bucciantini, Michele Camerota, Franco Giudice ; translated by Catherine Bolton.
QB88 .B8313 2015.

Above the world : stunning satellite images from above Earth : a selection of satellite images / compiled by NPA Group
QB637 .N73 2004.

Pulsating stars / Márcio Catelan and Horace A. Smith.
QB838 .C38 2015.

Black hole : how an idea abandoned by Newtonians, hated by Einstein, and gambled on by Hawking became loved / Marcia Bartusiak.
QB843.B55 B37 2015.

QC - Physics, Climatology

Einstein : his space and times / Steven Gimbel.
QC16.E5 G53 2015.

Molecules : the elements and the architecture of everything / Theodore Gray ; photographs by Nick Mann.
QC173 .G65897 2014.

The quantum moment : how Planck, Bohr, Einstein, and Heisenberg taught us to love uncertainty / Robert P. Crease, Alfred Scharff Goldhaber.
QC174.123 .C74 2014.

Einstein's dice and Schrödinger's cat : how two great minds battled quantum randomness to create a unified theory of physics / Paul Halper.
QC174.17.C45 H35 2015.

Virtual synthesis of nanosystems by design : from first principles to applications / by Liudmila A. Pozhar.
QC176.8.N35 P69 2015.

X-ray diffraction : modern experimental techniques / edited by Oliver H. Seeck, Bridget M. Murphy.
QC482.D5 X75 2015.

From photons to Higgs : a story of light / Moo-Young Han,.
QC793.2 .H36 2014.

Advances in geophysics. vol.56.

Understanding climate change : science, policy, and practice / Sarah L. Burch and Sara E. Harris.
QC903 .B867 2014.

Climate change 2014 : impacts, adaptation, and vulnerability : Working Group II contribution to the fifth assessment report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change / edited by Christopher B. Field, Vicente R. Barros [and 14 others].
QC903 .C443 2014. pt. B.

Climate change 2014 : mitigation of climate change : Working Group III contribution to the Fifth assessment report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change / edited by Ottmar Edenhofer [and 15 others].
QC903 .C444 2014.

Climate change, water and agriculture : towards resilient systems.
QC903 .C56352 2014.

Climate, energy, and water : managing trade-offs, seizing opportunities / edited by Jamie Pittock, Karen Hussey and Stephen Dovers.
QC903 .C5648 2015.

Climate justice : vulnerability and protection / Henry Shue.
QC903 .S575 2014.

Climate shock : the economic consequences of a hotter planet / Gernot Wagner, Martin L. Weitzman.
QC903 .W34 2015.

The politics of global climate change / Patrick M. Regan.
QC903.2.U6 R44 2015.

Climatology versus pseudoscience : exposing the failed predictions of global warming skeptics / Dana Nuccitelli.
QC981.8.G56 N93 2015.

QD - Chemistry, Biochemistry

The chemistry of alchemy : from dragon's blood to donkey dung, how chemistry was forged / Cathy Cobb, Monty Fetterolf, and Harold Goldwhite.
QD13 .C63 2014.

Chemistry : reading and writing the book of nature / Vincenzo Balzani, Margherita Venturi ; translation by Nick Serpone.
QD31.3 .B3513 2014.

Physical chemistry : a very short introduction / Peter Atkins.
QD453.3 .A855 2014.

The elements : a visual exploration of every known atom in the universe / Theodore Gray ; photographs by Theodore Gray and Nick Mann.
QD466 .G73 2009.

Superhydrophobic surfaces / Russell J. Crawford, Elena P. Ivanova [editors].
QD506 .S78365 2015.

QE - Geology, Paleontology

Earth resources and environmental impacts / Kieran D. O'Hara.
QE26.3 .O33 2014.

Essential maths for geoscientists : an introduction / Paul I. Palmer.
QE33.2.M3 P35 2014.

National Geographic pocket guide to the rocks & minerals of North America / Sarah Garlick.
QE432 .G37 2014.

The encyclopedia of volcanoes / editor-in-chief, Haraldur Sigurdsson.
QE522 .E53 2015.

When the Earth roars : lessons from the history of earthquakes in Japan / Gregory Smits.
QE537.2.J3 S543 2014.

Tikal : paleoecology of an ancient Maya city / edited by David L. Lentz, Vernon L. Scarborough.
QE720.2.G9 T55 2015.

QH - Biology, Ecology, Genetics

Ian McTaggart-Cowan : the legacy of a pioneering biologist, educator and conservationist / Ronald D. Jakimchuk, R. Wayne Campbell & Dennis A. Demarchi.
QH31.M388 J35 2015.

Protecting the wild : parks and wilderness, the foundation for conservation / edited by George Wuerthner, Eileen Crist, and Tom Butler.
QH75 .P796 2015.

The biology of African savannahs / Bryan Shorrocks and William Bates.
QH194 .S46 2015.

Mathematics for the life sciences / Erin N. Bodine, Suzanne Lenhart, Louis J. Gross.
QH323.5 .B63 2014.

The care of life : transdisciplinary perspectives in bioethics and biopolitics / edited by Miguel de Beistegui, Giuseppe Bianco and Marjorie Gracieuse.
QH332 .C368 2015.

Global bioethics and human rights : contemporary issues / edited by Wanda Teays, John-Stewart Gordon, and Alison Dundes Renteln.
QH332 .G5626 2014.

The new wild : why invasive species will be nature's salvation / Fred Pearce.
QH353 .P43 2015.

Essential readings in evolutionary biology / edited by Francisco J. Ayala and John C. Avise.
QH361 .E87 2014.

The next species : the future of evolution in the aftermath of man / Michael Tennesen.
QH366.2 .T465 2015.

A new history of life : the radical new discoveries about the origins and
evolution of life on earth / Peter Ward and Joe Kirschvink.
QH366.2 .W373 2015.

The recombinant university : genetic engineering and the emergence of Stanford biotechnology / Doogab Yi.
QH442 .Y54 2015.

The developing genome : an introduction to behavioral epigenetics / David S. Moore.
QH450 .M68 2015.

Hope on Earth : a conversation / Paul R. Ehrlich & Michael Charles Tobias.
QH541.145 .H665 2014.

Counting species : biodiversity in global environmental politics / Rafi Youatt.
QH541.15.B56 Y68 2015.

Coastal wetlands of the world : geology, ecology, distribution and applications / David B. Scott, Jennifer Frail-Gauthier and Petra J. Mudie.
QH541.5.M3 S36 2014.

Shallow subterranean habitats : ecology, evolution, and conservation / David C. Culver, Tanja Pipan.
QH541.5.U55 C85 2014.

Membrane structural biology : with biochemical and biophysical foundations / Mary Luckey.
QH601 .L75 2014.

QK - Botany

Fruits of Eden : David Fairchild and America's plant hunters / Amanda Harris.
QK31.F2 H37 2015.

Freshwater dinoflagellates of North America / Susan Carty.
QK569.D56 C37 2014.

Fungi from different substrates / edited by J.K. Misra, et al.
QK603 .F96 2015.

Mushrooms of the Midwest / Michael Kuo and Andrew S. Methven.
QK605.5.M53 K86 2014.

The triumph of seeds : how grains, nuts, kernels, pulses, and pips, conquered the plant kingdom and shaped human history / Thor Hanson.
QK661 .H36 2015.

An integrative approach to successional dynamics : tempo and mode of vegetation change / Scott J. Meiners, Mary L. Cadenasso.
QK910 .M45 2015.

QL - Zoology

Elephants are not picked from trees : animal biographies in Gothenburg Natural History Museum / Liv Emma Thorsen.
QL71.S82 G68 2014.

Infested : how the bed bug infiltrated our bedrooms and took over the world / Brooke Borel.
QL523.C6 B67 2015.

National Geographic complete birds of North America / edited by Jonathan Alderfer et al.
QL681 .N28 2014.

Sea otter conservation / edited by Shawn E. Larson, James L. Bodkin, Glenn R. VanBlaricom.
QL737.C25 S37 2015.

Elephant don : the politics of a pachyderm posse / Caitlin O'Connell.
QL737.P98 O256 2015.

The poacher's moon : a true story of life, death, love and survival in Africa /Richard Peirce.
QL737.U63 P43 2014.

Sentience and animal welfare / Donald M. Broom.
QL785.27 .B76 2014.

QM - QP Anatomy - Physiology

Neuroscience : exploring the brain / Mark F. Bear, Barry W. Connors, Michael A. Paradiso.
QP355.2 .B42 2016.

Thinking about thinking : cognition, science, and psychotherapy / Philip E. McDowell.
QP360.5 . M38 2015.

How flavor works : the science of taste and aroma / Nak-Eon Choi, Jung H. Han.
QP456 .C477 2015.

Visual ecology / Thomas W. Cronin, Sönke Johnsen, N. Justin Marshall, and Eric J. Warrant.
QP475 .C76 2014.

Signal transduction : principles, pathways, and processes/ edited by Lewis C. Cantley, Richard Sever, Jeremy Thorner.
QP517.C45 S534 2014.

QR - QW Microbiology, Virology, Pharmacology

Microbiology : principles and explorations / Jacquelyn G. Black, Laura Black.
QR41.2 .B58 2015.

R - Medicine, Neuroscience

Career options for biomedical scientists / edited by Kaaren Janssen.
R852 .C37 2015.

The big necessity : the unmentionable world of human waste and why it matters / Rose George.
RA567 .G46 2008.

The future of the brain : essays by the world's leading neuroscientists / editedby Gary Marcus and Jeremy Freeman.
RC341 .F88 2015.

Drugs of abuse : pharmacology and molecular mechanisms / Sherrel G. Howard.
RC564 .H683 2014.

Brain-robbers : how alcohol, cocaine, nicotine, and opiates have changed human history / Frances R. Frankenburg.
RC564 .F73 2014.

The ADHD explosion : myths, medication, money, and today's push for performance / Stephen P. Hinshaw, Richard M. Scheffler.
RJ506.H9 H57 2014.

Becoming vegan : the complete reference to plant-based nutrition / Brenda Davis, Vesanto Melina.
RM236 .D38 2014.

Missing microbes : how the overuse of antibiotics is fueling our modern plagues / Martin J. Blaser.
RM267 .B57 2015.

The antibiotic era : reform, resistance, and the pursuit of a rational
therapeutics / Scott H. Podolsky.
RM267 .P63 2015.

Hallelujah moments : tales of drug discovery / Eugene H. Cordes.
RM301.25 .C67 2014.

The bitterest pills : the troubling story of antipsychotic drugs / Joanna Moncrieff.
RM333.5 .M66 2013.

S - Agriculture, Soil Science

Advances in agronomy. vol. 131.

Agriculture and the Confederacy : policy, productivity, and power in the Civil War South / R. Douglas Hurt.
S445 .H87 2015.

Traditional arid lands agriculture : understanding the past for the future / edited by Scott E. Ingram and Robert C. Hunt.
S448 .T73 2015.

Farming the woods : an integrated permaculture approach to growing food and medicinals in temperate forests / Ken Mudge and Steve Gabriel.
S494.5.P47 M83 2014.

Seven flowers and how they shaped our world / Jennifer Potter.
SB404.5 .P68 2015.

Urban forests, trees, and greenspace : a political ecology perspective / edited by L. Anders Sandberg, Adrina Bardekjian, and Sadia Butt.
SB436 .U735 2015.

Biopesticides handbook / edited by Leo M.L. Nollet, Hamir Singh Rathore.
SB951.145.N37 B55 2015.

T - Technology, Chemical & Environmental Engineering

Southern waters : the limits to abundance / Craig E. Colten.
TD223.5 .C65 2014.

Fire and ice : soot, solidarity, and survival on the roof of the world /
Jonathan Mingle.
TD885.5.C3 M56 2015.

Advances in imaging and electron physics. vol.188 2015.

Space invaders : how robotic spacecraft explore the solar system / Michel van Pelt.
TL797 .P46 2006.

Spacesuit : fashioning Apollo / Nicholas de Monchaux.
TL1550 .D46 2011.

Riches to rust : a guide to mining in the old west / by Eric Twitty.
TN23.6 .T96 2002.

Chemical processes for a sustainable future / edited by Trevor M. Letcher, Janet L. Scott, Darrell A. Patterson.
TP155.7 .C444 2015.

Handbook of alternative fuel technologies / edited by Sunggyu Lee, James G. Speight, and Sudarshan K. Loyalka.
TP318 .H28285 2015.

The chemistry of food / Jan Velíšek.
TP372.5 .V4513 2014.

Building the H bomb : a personal history / Kenneth W Ford.
UG1282.A8 F67 2015.

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