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Inventory of Mithila Drawings

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Number Subject of Painting Artist Description
B102 Scene from Mahabharata Lalita Devi Bride Saviti brings husband back from the dead (3/4 size)
103 Wedding Lalita Devi Weeping bride leaves village of her childhood
B104 Wedding Lalita Devi Weeping bride is carried in palanquin to groom's home
B105 Jitia Ceremony Lalita Devi Bride participates in ceremonial feeding of husband's relatives - especially children
B118 "P", Bride's Fertility Ceremonies Lalita Devi Bride participates in ceremonies to enhance her fertility
B119 "Q", Wedding Ceremonies Lalita Devi Bride and groom participate in wedding ceremonies and circumambulate the sacred fire
B120 "Q-B", Wedding Tali Competition Lalita Devi Bride and groom's party engage in garland competition and other wedding games
B123 Wedding Lalita Devi Bride is dressed for wedding by female relatives, then joins her parents before scared fire
B124 Wedding Lalita Devi Bride bids farewell to her father by touching his feet, amidst preparations to leave for her husband's village
B125 Wedding Lalita Devi Bride and mother embrace and weep as bride prepares to leave for her husband's village
B144 Das Avatar Lalita Devi Ten incanations of Vishnu
B145 Scene from Ramayana Lalita Devi Ravan's abduction of Sita
B146 Scene from Ramayana Lalita Devi Event from the Ramayana in which Ram's half brother, Bharat Milap, meets the exiled Ram
167 Scene from Ramayana Krishnanand Jha Ravana threatening Sita under Ashoka tree. Hanuman hiding in the tree.
172 Scene from Ramayana Krishnanand Jha Abduction of Sita
189 Scene from Ramayana Arun Kumar Lal Das While Sita is dwelling in forest exile with Rama and Lakshmana, she sends Rama to catch a golden deer. While he is away, she is abducted by Ravana. In this picture, he takes her away in a horse-drawn chariot. She sits inside, tears streaming down her face.
190 Scene from Ramayana Narmada Devi After Sita was abducted by Ravana, King of the Demons, Prince Rama had to fight him in battle to rescue her. To show the citizens of his kingdom that she was pure, Sita enters into a fire. The God of Fire then bears witness to her purity and she emerges unsinged.
212 Scene from Ramayana Lalitha Devi Sita's ordeal by fire
213 Scene from Ramayana Lalitha Devi Sita's ordeal by fire
214 Scene from Ramayana Lalitha Devi Shabari feeding Lakshmana and Rama
222 Scene from Ramayana Vinita Jha Rama and Lakshmana confer with the leaders of their monkey army to plan their attack on Lanka.
B280 Scene from Ramayana Baua Devi Abduction of Sita
391 Scene from Ramayana Manjul Devi Rama propitiating the Goddess
B502 Bride Carried in Doli (Palanquin) Gopal Prasad Saha A typical (fashionable) way to transport women from one village to another
B504 Household Work in Village Gopal Prasad Saha Husking rice
B505 Grinding Wheat/Preparing Chapatis Gopal Prasad Saha Multiple steps in the preparation of chapatis
507 Life History C Gopal Prasad Saha Scene of Gopal Prasad Saha's life after he was crippled
508 Life History D Gopal Prasad Saha Wedding scene (Gopal Prasad Saha's wedding?)
526 Scene from Ramayana Gopal Prasad Saha Hanuman visits Sita
528 Pond Fishermen Gopal Prasad Saha Pond fisherman using nets
B534 Sama Chakeba Festival Gopal Prasad Saha Women sitting in a circle in the evening by lamplight, sing Sama Chakeba songs and telling the Sama Chakeba story
B597 Dos Avatar (Vishnu's Ten Incarnations) Vimla Dutta Ten "descents" of Vishnu into the world
602 Scene from Ramayana Santosh Kumar Das Ahalya had been cursed by her husband to turn into a stone. She could only return to life when the dust from the feet of Prince Rama fell upon the stone. Rama and his brother Lakshmana came through the forest one day on the way back from destroying the demons that were interferring with Vishvamitra's sacrifice. When he passed by the stone, Ahalya returned to her human form and he blessed her.
B603 Scene from Ramayana Santosh Kumar Das Sita about to present her wedding garland to Rama. (3/4 size)
642 Scene from Ramayana Sushila Devi The Ferry Man, Rama, Sita and Lakshmana
B738 Scene from Ramayana Jagadamba Devi Hanuman rescusing Rama and Lakshmana
739 Scene from Ramayana Lalitha Devi Hanuman rescusing Rama and Lakshmana
740 Scene from Ramayana Lalitha Devi Hanuman and the sea monster
741 Scene from Ramayana Lalitha Devi Hanuman goes for the herb to save Lakshmana
B765 Scene from Ramayana Krishnananda Jha Ravana's sister, the demoness Shurpanakha, threatens to eat Sita, so Rama commands Lakshmana to cut off her nose.
B809 Scene from Ramayana Arun Kumar Das Arjun's charioteer, Lord Krishna, teaches the lessons of the Bhagavad Gita to Arjun
B810 Scene from Ramayana Shanti Devi Hanuman, Ram's faithful devotee, discovers where Sita has been imprisoned in Sri Lanka
B827 Scene from Ramayana Lalita Devi Ram's release of Ahilya Uddhar from her imprisonment in a stone
B830 Shiva With His Family Leela Devi Lord Shiva with wife Parvati atop a bull (Shiva's vehicle), with their sons Skanda and Ganesh on either side of the bull
B837 Bhagavad Purana, Rasa Lila Hira Devi Lord Krishna dancing with village gopis (milkmaids)
B842 Holi in Jitwarpur Hira Devi Holi festival celebrations in Jitwarpur village
B843 Bhagavad Purana Hira Devi Young Krishna being cared for by his adopted mother, Yashoda
B844 Scene from Ramayana Hira Devi The hero, Rama, and the villain, Ravan, engaged in mortal combat in Sri Lanka
B851 Ganesh Maya Devi Lord Ganesh, son of Lord Shiva and the Goddess Parvathi
B852 Durga Maya Devi The Goddess Durga (the "Inaccessible"), one of Lord Shiva's shaktis, or female powers
B853 Bhagavad Purana Saguni Mandal Lord Krishna playing with the village gopis (milkmaids)
B855 Bhagavad Purana, Rasa Lila Saguni Mandal Lord Krishna with his flute and dancing with Radha, his favorite gopi
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