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Series IX: Posters & Mechanicals

Box 1: Mechanicals

1. Mommy and Daddy Are Fighting
(book copy, bluelines, paste-ups, correx, neg sheets, specs)
2. Backbone 3
(photos, negs, extra type, slides, baselines neg sheets, original paste-ups)

Box 2: Mechanicals

1. You Are the Country (letterpress art, title page, and text)
2. The Village Square (paste-up, drawings)
3. Backbone 4 (artwork, paste-ups)
4. Seal miscellany (letterpress samples, letterhead negs)
5. I Change Worlds (photos, negs, slides, transps., paste-ups)
6. Ambitious Women (transp., cover negs, paste-ups)
7. Backbone 2 (paste-ups, baselines neg sheets, aluminum sheets, resources, Seal Press catalogue and paste-ups)
8. So Narrow the Bridge and Deep the Water (negs, specs, paste-ups, cover art, aluminum cover, baseline neg sheets)
9. The Armadillo on the Rug (paste-ups, cover art)
10. Walking on the Moon (extra type, transps, cover paste-ups, negs, photo)
11. As If It Will Matter (aluminum covers, paste-up, transps, baselines neg sheets, photo)
12. Thin Ice (cover art, negs, front/back paste-ups, aluminum covers, neg sheets)
13. Early Spring (extra type, cover art, specs, foreword paste-up)

Box 3: Large Size Mechanicals

1. Notes from the Red Zone (paste-ups)
2. Walking on the Moon (cover negs)
3. The Village Square (paste-ups)
4. So Narrow the Bridge and Deep the Water (paste-ups)
5. Murder in the Collective (cover color prints)
6. Talking it Out (paste-ups)

Box 4: Posters

1. Letterpress
(The Dream Horse, Marilyn Miner poems “Doll’s Alphabet” and “Evil,” Jody Aliesan poems “Earth” and “As If It Will Matter,” Seal titles list, You Are the Country, Hylah Jacques poem “For Emily”)
2. Paper
(Nawal El Saadawi, First International Feminist Bookfair with balloon, First International Feminist Bookfair with punk girl, 1983 Northwest Women in Print, 1997 Lesben Literateur Festival
3. The Seal Press
4. Foamboard
(Rivers Running Free, She’s A Rebel, Canyon Solitude, Where the Oceans Meet, The Single Mother’s Companion, Disappearing Moon Café, Study in Lilac, Film Fatales)

Last updated:
March 31, 2016
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