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Staff & Departments

(Area code is 440)


Alexia Hudson-Ward Director of Libraries 775-5024 alexia.hudson-ward@oberlin.edu
Alan Boyd Transition Consultant 775-5015 alan.boyd@oberlin.edu
Allison Gallaher Assistant Director
Head of Public Services
775-5019 allison.gallaher@oberlin.edu
Bill Ruth Facilities and Operations Assistant 775-5041 william.a.ruth@oberlin.edu
Paula Bratton Admin. Secretary to the Director 775-5042 paula.bratton@oberlin.edu
Ray English Emeritus Director of Libraries 775-8287 ray.english@oberlin.edu

Public Services



Circulation Desk   775-5016 main.circ@oberlin.edu
Cameron Chan Desk Supervisor/Stacks Manager 775-5020 cameron.chan@oberlin.edu
Justin Long Daytime Desk Supervisor 775-5018 justin.long@oberlin.edu
Joseph Maiville Evening Desk Supervisor 775-5007 joe.maiville@oberlin.edu
Sarah Pardee Storage Manager 775-5017 spardee@oberlin.edu

Interlibrary Loan

Diane Lee Interlibrary Loan Supervisor 775-5039 diane.lee@oberlin.edu

Reference & Instruction

Research Help Desk   775-5031 reference@oberlin.edu
Cynthia Comer Academic Commons Coordinator 775-5032 cynthia.comer@oberlin.edu
Eboni Johnson Outreach and Programming Librarian 775-5026 eboni.johnson@oberlin.edu
Rosalinda H. Linares Information Literacy and
Special Initiatives Librarian
775-8105 rosalinda.linares@oberlin.edu
Elizabeth Sullivan Assessment and User Experience Librarian 775-5072 elizabeth.sullivan@oberlin.edu
Julie Weir Reference & Academic Commons Assistant 775-5037 julie.e.weir@oberlin.edu
Runxiao Zhu East Asian Studies Librarian 775-5116 runxiao.zhu@oberlin.edu


Michael Palazzolo Reserves & Media Manager 775-5036 michael.palazzolo@oberlin.edu

Technical Services


Collections and Acquisitions

Jessica Grim Head, Collections and Acquisitions 775-5035 jessica.grim@oberlin.edu
Phyllis Boulton Bookkeeper 775-5022 phyllis.boulton@oberlin.edu
Ellen Broadwell Collections and Acquisitions Assistant 775-5121 ellen.broadwell@oberlin.edu
Faith Hoffman Gifts Coordinator 775-5101 faith.hoffman@oberlin.edu
Carol Livchak Collections and Acquisitions Assistant 775-5118 carol.livchak@oberlin.edu

Digital Initiatives

Megan Mitchell Digital Initiatives Librarian 775-5028 megan.mitchell@oberlin.edu
Diane Kajganich Special Collections/OberlinScholarshipOA Cataloger 775-5149 diane.kajganich@oberlin.edu
Cecilia Robinson Electronic and Continuing Resources Assistant 775-5103 cecilia.robinson@oberlin.edu

Discovery and Metadata Services

Selina Wang Head of Discovery and Metadata Services 775-5113 selina.wang@oberlin.edu
Lindsey Felice Discovery & Metadata Services Assistant 775-6490 lindsey.felice@oberlin.edu
Sara Hasley Catalog and Metadata Services Assistant 775-5110 sara.hasley@oberlin.edu
Tammy Martin Catalog and Metadata Services Assistant 775-5025 tammy.martin@oberlin.edu
Ashley Maiville Electronic and Continuing Resources Assistant 775-5034 ashley.maiville@oberlin.edu
Patty Rush Preparations Assistant 775-5115 patty.rush@oberlin.edu

East Asian Collection

Runxiao Zhu East Asian Studies Librarian 775-5116 runxiao.zhu@oberlin.edu

Emerging Technologies

Michael McFarlin Emerging Technologies & Systems Librarian 775-5126 michael.mcfarlin@oberlin.edu
Heath Patten Visual Resources Curator





  775-8014 archive.office@oberlin.edu
Ken Grossi College Archivist 775-5194 ken.grossi@oberlin.edu
Louisa Hoffman Archival Assistant 775-8014 louisa.hoffman@oberlin.edu
Anne Salsich Associate Archivist 775-5195 anne.salsich@oberlin.edu

Special Collections and Preservation

Ed Vermue Head, Special Collections and
775-5043 ed.vermue@oberlin.edu
Gena Reynolds Special Collections/Preservation Assistant 775-5102 gena.reynolds.oberlin.edu

Art Library

  775-8635 art.library@oberlin.edu
Barbara Prior Head, Art Library 775-5144 barbara.prior@oberlin.edu
Kay Spiros Administrative Assistant 775-5143 kay.spiros@oberlin.edu

Conservatory Library

  Circulation Desk 775-8288  
  Reference Desk 775-5129 con.ref@oberlin.edu
Deborah Campana Head, Conservatory Library 775-5128 deborah.campana@oberlin.edu
Kathy Abromeit Public Services Librarian 775-5131 kathleen.abromeit@oberlin.edu
(vacant) Technical Services Librarian 775-5139  
Jeremy Smith Special Collections Librarian and
Curator of the James and Susan
Neumann Jazz Collection
775-5181 jeremy.smith@oberlin.edu
Kimberlie Fixx Preparations/Department Assistant 775-5134 kimberlie.fixx@oberlin.edu
Natalie Gutiérrez-Negrón Circulation Evening Supervisor 775-8231 ngutierr@oberlin.edu
Faith Hoffman Stacks Coordinator 775-5133 faith.hoffman@oberlin.edu
Phyllis Jones Senior Recordings Cataloger 775-5137 phyllis.jones@oberlin.edu
Lois Kane Assistant Recordings Cataloger 775-5138 lois.kane@oberlin.edu
Greg Solow Circulation Coordinator 775-5136 greg.solow@oberlin.edu
Anne Sprague Assistant Music Cataloger 775-5142 anne.sprague@oberlin.edu

Science Library

  775-8310 science.library@oberlin.edu
Alison Ricker Head, Science Library 775-5146 alison.ricker@oberlin.edu
Jennifer Schreiner Administrative Assistant 775-5147 jennifer.schreiner@oberlin.edu
Last updated:
April 16, 2018