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Find Your First Year Library Advisor

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Not taking a First Year Seminar? Megan Mitchell is your library advisor.
Conservatory Student? Kathy Abromeit is your library advisor.
FYSPCourse TitleLibrarian
16 Musical American Film Culture Rosalinda Linares
17 Renaissance to Modern Medicine Rosalinda Linares
22 What's for Dinner Alison Ricker
25Marie Curie's LegacyAlison Ricker
27Dangerous Allies Rosalinda Linares
34 Values of Higher Education Eboni Johnson
40 Making Sense of the Senses Cynthia Comer
42The River Nile Eboni Johnson
43Everyday Life Rosalinda Linares
44 Objects and Apparitions Eboni Johnson
54 Sport: Contested Contests Cynthia Comer
59 Perspectives on Jazz Kathy Abromeit
65 Cleopatra in History Cynthia Comer
71Pirates and Piracy Eboni Johnson
76Privileged and MarginalizedEboni Johnson
77 Sanctuaries Medieval to Modern Cynthia Comer
84 Thinking about Thinking Eboni Johnson
86 East Asian Cinema Runxiao Zhu
87 Speak, Memories Cynthia Comer
93 Disability Eboni Johnson
102 Rockin' the Revolution Cynthia Comer
104 It is Never Aliens: Astronomy in the News Alison Ricker
112 Music and the Body Rosalinda Linares
114 Know Your Place Eboni Johnson
115 Inclusion and Exclusion Eboni Johnson
116Vermilion River WatershedAlison Ricker
120 Holocaust in American Culture Cynthia Comer
123 Imagining Hollywood Rosalinda Linares
124 Work and its Opposites Rosalinda Linares
125 Writing Place and Identity Eboni Johnson 
134Crossing BordersCynthia Comer
137Literacy and Literacies Rosalinda Linares
143Deconstructing TechnologyAlison Ricker
145 The Literature of Decadence Runxiao Zhu 
147 Truth, Lies, and Facts Runxiao Zhu 
151 The Cult of the Leader Rosalinda Linares
152Be an IntellectualRosalinda Linares
161 Monument & Memory Western Art Barbara Prior
172 Writing the Sporting Body Rosalinda Linares
173The French Revolution Rosalinda Linares
187Ars MoriendiCynthia Comer
198 Truth or Consequences Eboni Johnson


FYSP Self-Reflection Fall 2017

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September 01, 2017