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Find Your First Year Library Advisor

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Not taking a First Year Seminar? Megan Mitchell is your library advisor.
Conservatory Student? Kathy Abromeit is your library advisor.
FYSPCourse TitleLibrarian
002 Neuroscience and Pop Culture Alison Ricker
003 Life, Death, and Religion in East Asia Runxiao Zhu
004 Cleveland Scene Megan Mitchell
007 Character Wars: What is Virtue? Cynthia Comer
008 Form and Formula: Mathematics & the Arts Barbara Prior
009 Drugs! Alison Ricker
010 Innovation and Economic Growth Elizabeth Sullivan
011 American Mixed Blood Elizabeth Sullivan
012 Socialism: Real and Imagined Elizabeth Sullivan
013 Erotic City: Prince/Purple Urban Imaginary Eboni Johnson
014 Silence=Death: Rhetorics of HIV/AIDS Eboni Johnson
015 Underground Railroad and Sanctuary Space Eboni Johnson
017 Renaissance Anatomy to Modern Medicine Elizabeth Sullivan
023 Fallen Houses and Invisible Cities Cynthia Comer
024 Justice in America? Eboni Johnson
028 Cryptography Eboni Johnson
031 Environmental Literature Barbara Prior
041 Emergence and the Unification of Knowledge Alison Ricker
044 Objects and Apparitions: Poetry as Fiction & Fact Eboni Johnson
050 Conceptions of the Self East and West Runxiao Zhu
066 Jane Austen Then and Now Cynthia Comer
069 Astrobiology: Search for Extraterrestrial Life Alison Ricker
071 Pirates and Piracy in Times Past Eboni Johnson
086 Contemporary East Asian Cinema Runxiao Zhu
092 Foodways and Foodscapes Eboni Johnson
093 Disability Eboni Johnson
104 It is Never Aliens: Astronomy in the News Alison Ricker
108 The Uses of Literature Cynthia Comer
110 Black Women and Liberation Eboni Johnson
112 Music and the Body Cynthia Comer
113 Re-envisioning Russia Megan Mitchell
114 Know Your Place: Civic Humanism Eboni Johnson
117 Nature and Environment in East Asian Culture Runxiao Zhu
121 Everyday Evolution Alison Ricker
125 Writing Place and Identity Eboni Johnson
130 Seeing War and Peace in Religious Traditions Cynthia Comer
137 Literacy and Literacies Cynthia Comer
142 Well-being Alison Ricker
146 Pilgrimage in Global History Elizabeth Sullivan
149 Non-profits and Democratic Movements Cynthia Comer
152 So You Want to be an Intellectual? Elizabeth Sullivan
153 Worldview and History Elizabeth Sullivan
154 Freud’s Vienna Elizabeth Sullivan
162 Cold War in Asia Runxiao Zhu
185 The Blues Detective Eboni Johnson
196 Women and War in the Middle East Elizabeth Sullivan
199 Designer Babies and Other Possibilities Alison Ricker
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September 06, 2018