About the Program

Oberlin's London Program is a life-changing experience: a chance to study with a small group of motivated students and stimulating faculty in an exciting city, in the presence of great museums, music, theater, history, and a thriving and diverse culture.

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Unlike most study-away programs, the Danenberg Oberlin-in-London Program offers students the opportunity to study abroad with professors from our own campus—and in one of the world's most exciting, diverse locations! It thus combines the thrill of living in a great international metropolis with the rigors of first-rate education. The curriculum makes intensive use of all that London has to offer. Classes are built to plunge you into the city—much learning takes place outside the classroom. Courses are both disciplinary and interdisciplinary.

Moreover, the program offers an intimate intellectual environment. Each spring, two Oberlin faculty members from different departments accompany 25 students to London. Students register for two courses offered by the Oberlin faculty. In addition, they take a third course taught by resident London faculty, either on the history of London or on theater.

Oberlin-in-London is a remote campus of Oberlin College. Students on the program are registered at Oberlin College, and their courses are Oberlin College courses. So there is no need to transfer credits or financial aid. Moreover, the Financial Aid Office adjusts aid packages to take account of those living costs—mainly housing—which are higher in London.

Oberlin’s London Program has profoundly changed many students' and faculty members' lives forever—for evidence, see the Testimonials link to the right. Those of you who come along are in for a once-in-a lifetime opportunity.

London Location

The program maintains classrooms and an office in the Florida State University Centre in Bloomsbury, a central London district with a long history of intellectual and scholarly vitality. We are just a block from the British Museum. Our center also contains a library, lounge, and computer facilities. Students live in small groups away from the Centre, usually in small furnished apartments in central London.