Oberlin in London, Spring 2013

A program focusing on Politics and Sociology (with courses in History and English as well).

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The Faculty:

Veljko Vujačić, Sociology This will be my first time in the London Program and I am very excited to have the opportunity to teach with Harlan Wilson, whose knowledge of the history of political ideas is simply astounding. What better place is there to study the origins of modern political thought in historical-sociological context than the birthplace of liberalism, conservatism, and (together with France) socialism? Is there a better place in the world to understand the relationship between state, nation, and empire? Throughout my research and teaching career as a political and historical sociologist I have explored these issues in a variety of historical and political contexts, and have drawn on the English/British examples to illustrate broader themes. Now I will finally have the opportunity to explore them in detail with your help in one of the most exciting cities in the world. Join Professor Wilson and me in London for a transformative intellectual experience!


Harlan Wilson, Politics This will be the third time I have taught in the London Program. The first time, in 1985, I went to London with a physicist, David Anderson. The second time, in 2000, I taught with a theatre historian and critic, Roger Copeland. Each stint was unbelievably rewarding, the best teaching experiences I have ever had. I feel very privileged to be able to teach in London on a third occasion, and especially with Veljko Vujačić, a remarkable teacher and scholar with encyclopedic knowledge of European historical and political sociology. My own teaching and research interests lie in the area of political theory (political philosophy). Whereas my research explores the intersection between political theory and environmental politics, my teaching interests include practically the whole range of historically oriented courses and texts from Plato to the contemporary. In Oberlin I have greatly enjoyed teaching about various aspects of British political thought from the sixteenth century through the twentieth. The 2013 London Program is a fantastic opportunity to explore, together with students, the fascinating connections between British political ideas and past and present British political experience. I hope you will join us!


Resident London Program Faculty

Donna Vinter (English)

Katy Layton-Jones (History)