Oberlin in London, Spring 2014

A program focusing on Biology and British Literature (with courses in History and Drama as well).

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The Faculty:

Nick Jones

Nick Jones, English

I regularly teach courses in British literature, specializing in Romantic (19th-century) poetry as well as Shakespeare and Milton. I enjoy working on the interface of literature with the other arts, including film, music and the visual arts. I love museums of all kinds, and have been active in teaching classes in Oberlin’s Allen Memorial Art Museum. I’m an avid amateur musician and have often co-taught courses with Conservatory faculty, including on two previous London semesters. I’m currently finishing up two interdisciplinary books, one on the poetry that Monteverdi set to music, and the other on the pairing of poems with paintings, a subject that we will pursue further in one of the London courses. I majored in Chemistry as an undergraduate, so the science part of this London program will not be totally foreign to me. I have directed three London semesters before this one, and each has been a wonderful learning experience for me and, I think, for my students.


Roger Laushman, Biology

This is my first time teaching on the London Program. I have taught courses at all levels of the Biology curriculum, including a First Year Seminar (Everyday Evolution), an introductory course (Genetics, Evolution, and Ecology), intermediate and advanced courses (Plant Ecology, Population Biology, Evolution), and a senior seminar in Conservation Biology. My research focuses on population genetics, with particular emphasis on biological conservation and the biology of invasive species, which has been published in Aquatic Botany, The Journal of Heredity, The Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences, and The Journal of Crustacean Research.


Resident London Program Faculty

Donna Vinter (English)

Katy Layton-Jones (History)